Peco vs. TracVac for Dixie Chopper

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    I have a 1901 series Dixie w/ 50" deck. Does anybody have any preference between Peco or TracVac for this mower. I am aware that the Peco is a few more bucks than the TracVac any info would be great:confused:
  2. beck

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    1)Nothing to pull behind you = Easier turning.
    2)Only slightly longer in length. Leaving more trailer space. My friend has to leave a mower behind in the fall with his trac vac.
    3)Can dump from your seat by moving a single lever and continue mowing with in seconds. You dont even have to shut the blades off.
    Trac Vac: shut blades off, park machine, get off walk to the trac vac open lid lift and dump one/two trash cans of leaves.
  3. John Gamba

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    Hello greenguy
    Go Into I think It's 462z They have Your mower with the unit on It. It look's Nice and low. You can Dump on Ground Or in The bed of the truck. With two people You can remove the unit in secound's. The peco Is Hard to remove And you Only dump on ground and is a Littel higher. There about the same In bushel's. Hope's this Help's you
    Johnny G. :cool:
  4. LeoS818

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    Dont know bout the trac vac, but the peco on our dixie was a mess. It was loud, the exhaust on the engine burnt out the fiberglass around the deflector. The rope starter on the engine got tore off several times because it sticks out so far at $40 a time. Far as not having to get off the machine to dump, I had to put bungie cords on the door to keep it closed. So I had to get off to undo the bungies. There is a kit to fix that problem, but it will cost you $125. The clippings that fell out the door lands on the cooling air intake of the pony engine. The engine has a low oil sensor in it that prevents you for mowing on much of a slope. It had only 4 blades on the fan, I belive most have 5. It done a piss pore job picking up clippings. I will never buy another. Took delivery on our new Lazers today. One with a ultra vac.
  5. Leonard I fixed all that already but it was after I took a pic. Thanks for the mowers.
    The back part that the door closed on had wore through the aluminum. Drilled new holes, and put that up grade kit on you had with it and runs perfect now.

    Peco Vac!!!!

    Here is a pic of that Dixie.


    Here is a pic of a Lazer also

  6. John Gamba

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    The trac-vac wiyh the 6HP Kohlor Has a 16" Impeler That i Can Pick up Wet Grass at 3 To 4 MPH. That's 1800 CFM. I Have Them On Exmark"s Mower"s.
    Johnny G. :cool: :cool: :
  7. HOMER

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    I run the Trac-Vac on a Scag................I agree it may be a little slow having to get off and dump the bucket but what if there are no places to dump on the ground? On the Peco you would have to dump it on site wouldn't you? The Trac-Vac holds so much that most yards only need to be dumped once, twice at the most. It has the steel impellers and I've run this thing for 2 years and there is no wear on them at all. Picks up wet grass fine. Only thing that has clogged it at all is a thick layer of pine straw.........I ain't seen nothing yet that pine straw won't stop up.

    So far I'm satisfied!:)
  8. beck

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    In regards to leos818 comments about the door, that would not be a problem if buying new. They have changed the design and it has a latch at the back to hold things closed.
    The upgrade kit can be installed in about 2 hrs or less and makes a huge difference. (I helped lawngodfather, when he changed his over. I could tell he was much happier now with the new latch system.)
    Homer brings up a good point of where you have to drop the leaves. We have a leaf vac on our truck or the city offers curb-side pick-up as well, we always drop them at the curb. But if you have to put them in your truck or trailer maybe the trac-vac would be better for that application.
  9. mklawnman

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    Do those Peco baggers all use a external engine?? Because i think i've seen a Peco bagger, which was a big silver box on a Turf Tiger without a bagger, and had a belt that ran from the blade spindle to this blower unit to throw the clippings up the tube and into the bagger without a external engine. I am looking at buying a Peco Bagger later this year, and would rather not have a external motor to worry about.
    I am guessin there are differences with a external engine compared to one that the blower is run off of the deck.
    Matt (Lawnman)
  10. mklawnman

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    Oh messed up on my last post, i meant that i saw on the Turf Tiger that the Peco Bagger didnt have a external engine, the blower just ran off of the spindle.
    Thats better
    Matt (Lawnman)

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