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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by sensor419, Sep 20, 2007.

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    I have a 700-070A Peerless transmission on my '05 36" Toro Proline belt drive walkbehind. Sometimes (not always) I hear a chattering sound come out of the transmission as I am mowing. I have not had it act eratically (no stopping or rough operation) but the sound makes me wonder if it is going to need some repair (shifter keys?). It goes up hills well also. Could it be that I don't always have the shifter lever positioned properly so it is not engaged right? I called a local shop who says it would be about $100 to replace the shifter keys. He also said to not wait too long as more damage could be done by worn parts. I can buy a new replacement transmission for $175. What are your thoughts? Let it go for now? Repair or buy new? Also, how hard are these to remove and replace if I would want to do the work myself if I replace it? Thanks
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    i don't have one but just thinking out loud - - - I'd run it till it died and replace it - $100 and that might not fix what you're hearing anyway - if it aint broke . . . put the $175 aside for when it does . . . if it ever does - and from what i have seen it does'nt look like a real tough job replacing a gear drive tranny - i could be wrong - I'v never done it - but it does'nt look to tough
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    Since you state it doesn't jump when making this noise you may try adjusting the shift detent and see if this solves the problem.

    Reference number 21 (below) on the top case half is the adjuster, Rotate it in 1/4 turn and try it again. If it still does it try another 1/4 turn, If still no improvement it most likely is worn shift keys.

    If you can get a new trans for $175 that would be the way to go.

    Time to replace one depends upon how easy the drive pulley comes off and if the bearing set screws on the drive shafts don't round out.

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    If you are going to keep your walk behind (and especially if you have a sulkey) It would not be a bad idea to have a spare trans. I have one spare that will fit on either of our walk behinds. it gives me time to make a repair and can be switched in about 1-2 hours.
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    Thanks for you replies. I will try the adjustment and may go ahead and buy the spare tranny.
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  7. topsites

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    Let me give you my advice on the peerless:

    At $200 a pop and a good afternoon worth of work JUST to replace it with a new one, you have to decide if it's really worth shifting that dang thing, it ain't like a car, they're tough and you can shift them but also on a bad day you miss a gear once and...

    So unless you're fond of rebuilding these, what you do is select ONE gear and use it exclusively, you do not shift a peerless, adjust speed with belts and don't worry because they won't wear that fast either. No don't even use reverse, just don't shift a peerless, pick a gear and stay in it forever.

    That or get a Peerless Repair manual from J-Thomas, then order a spare 700-070 and make sure you get the right one because there are several... Then when it breaks you replace broken with new so your mower is working, and keep the broken someplace until you get a chance to rebuild it.

    As for the clicking...
    When's the last time it got greased?
    Careful when you do this because the case is aluminum (NO air tools!).
    But take the cover off, you can do this while it sits in the machine, because maybe it just needs some bentonite.
    When re-assembling, you'll need to get some gasket in a tube and then be real careful when you re-tighten up that cover.

    btw when mine acted up (and it did it for a long time before it crapped out) it was the needle bearings that hold the vertical shaft down to the belt pulley (parts 12, 24, 27, 28, 32 or so on the diagram). I would keep on driving it until it breaks, it could be anything.
  8. peak2p2000

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    all we run are toros and thats 21 proline 52s.all are equipped with the peerless tranny.before you do anything else pop out the plug in the top of the case and fill the gear box.remember you never ever shift one of these trannieswhile reach under the unit and check the pulley and shaft to see if there is play there.i personally rebuild our trannies but unless you dont have anything better to do just buy a spare and shelve it.
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    working on the peerless trannys is a pain the A$$ from my experience. the manufacturer for got to install the fifth gear on a poulan pro garden tractor!
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    Do you rebuild peerless transmissions??

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