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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sodgod, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. sodgod

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    I kinda forgot all about it until now. Been a busy winter. I am gettin ready for this comming season and i remembered that one of my w/b was acting up. I put grease in all the zirk fittings like we all do, but the area between the trans. and the collar fitting on the shaft was leaking grease. This happened last fall and it happened for awhile and then it stoped, i guess that why i fotgot about it. Its a belt drive. it looked like it was comming out of the collar fitting but theres not that much grease in there. (or is there?) my question is, is it comming out of the trans. maybe? has anyone had this problem before? it so how do i got about looking inside of the trans. to see it it was infact leaking? like i said it stopped but its not over heating, wierd noises, ect. it seems to be working fine. what should i do? ;)
  2. barnard

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    It's normal if you are talking about between the coupler and the splined shaft .
  3. Richard Martin

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    If it was leaking grease then you know it had enough grease in it. If it has stopped leaking grease then there is a chance it may be low now. You can put grease in it in about 5 minutes. Simply remove the reverse switch and pump grease into the hole the switch came out of. Give it about 25 or 30 squirts from your grease gun and run it a couple of weeks. If it starts leaking again then you know it has enough grease.
  4. sodgod

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    alright so its normal for it to leak between the two. and if it was leaking i can just put some more in to make sure its full. alright well i can do that. thanks guys. kevin
  5. Oldtimer

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    Use Bentonite grease.

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