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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dwost, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. dwost

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    I've run into an issue with my Gravely WB. It seems that the transmission is on it's last legs. This is a bit troubling considering I have only about 110 hours on the machine. I've done a search and noticed some other Gravely owners (as well as many others running the Peerless) have had issues. It started acting up about two weeks ago so I took it apart to see if there was anything jumping out at me. It looked fine so I reassembled it. Today I went out to cut my yard and I got stuck. It started with 2nd gear, as it completely stopped. I switched to 3rd and it did the same thing. It finally happened with all 5 forward gears. The reverse still works fine. It was very jerky and would completely stop then re-engage without warning. I watched the drive shaft and it looked as if something was not engaging or was worn to the point where it wouldn't engage.

    I took everything apart again and would like to get some feedback on how to proceed. I have a couple of questions.

    1) What is the warranty from Tecumseh (spelling) on these tranny's?

    2) I'm calling the dealer tomorrow about service, but if I have to replace it, have they developed a "newer" version? My mower is a 2002.

    3) The gears look fine, however, the "key" (or whatever the metal pieces that retract and go into the gears when selected) are squared off on the ends. They are basically a flat topped triangle if that makes sense. Should they be square or are they fine?

    4) If these need to be replaced, will it be cheaper to just replace them or should I get a new tranny?

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm just trying to figure out the best way to proceed. I'd rather do this myself if it's out of warranty.

    TIA, Don
  2. pjslawncare/landscap

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    You can get peerless tranys for around $205. Check out Mow more
    I would let the dealer see if its not something serious though. Never know, it could just have a c clip missing or something :realmad:
  3. dwost

    dwost LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Thanks, I found one on e-bay for 125. I also saw one on J-thomas for 185. I'd like to fix it rather than completely replace it. Do you have any input on my questions about the key's, etc???
  4. mbricker

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    Don, here are some terms from the warranty on the Peerless transaxle on my wb:

    2 years from date of sale to ORIGINAL PURCHASER, unless used for commercial or rental purposes.

    90 days from date of sale to original purchaser if used FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

    30 days from date of sale to original purchaser if used FOR RENTAL PURPOSES.

    Warranty service can ONLY be performed by Tecumseh or an authorized Tecumseh Service Outlet.

    So, here are the questions you will need to answer when you take it in: Are you the "original purchaser?" Did you purchase it within the past 2 years? Did you use it commercially?

    I frankly think since it is a 2002 model you are probably out of luck, even if you tell them you didn't use it commercially. But if your dealer is a good guy, or more importantly, if you have spent a lot of money with him, something may happen. Keep in mind that dealer may not be a "Tecumseh Authorized Service Outlet."

    Also, since you took it apart, that might well void any warranty. Some companies kind of frown on that. Finally, if you are going to try to repair it yourself, you need a comprehensive service manual. Try your local dealers first, then maybe online to Tecumseh direct...and I'm sorry, but I have never been into a transaxle, so I sure can't tell you anything about its innards.
  5. dwost

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    Mbricker, GREAT information!! Many thanks for the follow-up. I figured it was around a year or two. I have not used it commercially and I am the original purchaser but I'm not sure if the dealer will still cover it or not. I knew I was risking it by taking it apart, but figured I was on the edge of it being coveran anyway. I found a good schematic on Gravely's parts finder site. I printed it off and it gives me all the part numbers. I was just surfing on J-thomas' site and noticed the key's are only $10. I may pick up a couple if I can find them locally and see if tha tmakes a difference. The gears all look fine, I do want to remove all of them and check the innards and make sure they are not stripped either. Looks like I have a little project on my hands. :)

    Thanks again, any other input is welcome.

  6. Shultz

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    The keys are flat topped triangles like you said from my experinece. the bentonite grease in that thing is the nastiest stuff on earth-wear gloves. if your keys were bad, you would see chips out of the ends, ends missing, or gears chipped where the keys meet the edges. Be sure to order a service manual for you transmission, prob $10 bucks and helpful. I would also try to repair it if its not torn up inside-i found out the gears for me were pretty costly, but not near the replacement, and I hate to pay the $55/hr for simple service. good ,luck
  7. dwost

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    Shultz, thanks for the clarification on the keys. Now I'm really confused, as I thought that might be the problem!! Well, I think I'm going to pull all the gears tomorrow and see if there is something on the inside where the keys meet the gears that looks problematic. I don't have a service manual, however, I may end up ordering one. It really is a simple design once you get in there.

    One more follow-up question. What is the best way to remove the coupler that attaches the splines on the rod running through the gears to the drive shaft? (this is the coupler that is visible with the grease fittings on it) There is some play, however can it slide far enough off to completely remove the tranny from the mower? I'd like to completely remove it, clean it out and replace with a better grease.
  8. Richard Martin

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    A service manual would be a very good idea because there are several different problems that could cause your tranny woes.

    To slide the couplers off you need to remove the belts and then un-bolt the bearings that support the half shafts to the mower. Then just pull the half shafts out of the couplers (the couplers may come off with the half shafts anyway).

    My question to you is why did the transmission have probems? Are you parking it with the tranny in gear? Are you shifting it with the clutches engaged?
  9. polecat63

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    Had the same problem with my Gravely, crapped out at tha start of it's second season. Replaced it and switched from a velke to jungle wheels. Been trouble free for three seasons now.
    If you can do the work yourself it mat be worth fixing, but if you gatta have it serviced then a new one would most likelt be cheaper.
  10. Springmeadows

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    I'm not sure the transmission is the same on your Gravely as it is on my Husqvarna. But, I have had severe problems with my trans the past two years. Last year I had it fixed and the parts and labor costs me $176, no warrenty.

    This year started doiong the same thing skipping in 2nd gear moved later that day to third and fifth. By the end of the day only first got it to move. Had a new trans put in for $270 with a warrenty.

    The problems you are having sound exactly to mine. It too is a Peerless five speed.

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