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Pellitized Compost


LawnSite Senior Member
Does anyone know of a company other than Laurel Valley that manufactures pellitized compost? Laurel Valley says that they have discontinued it.


LawnSite Senior Member
Long Island,NY
Hi, are you looking for quantity?.......2 or more pallets per pick-up?.....I have a 3-1-1 pelletzed poultry poop that comes in a 50lb bag [ fully composted and pelletized, spreads verrry nice], also have several compost teas avalible in packet form for sprayers [ dry-pks], we're still working on a bk-pk formulation that wont clog the smaller equipment, but should have something ready for the fall organic landscape show in ny [ think its in november?].....is this what you are looking for?....................... :) :angel: :alien: