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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by cnymowing, Jul 5, 2013.

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    What I have seen guys around here do is they get the regular ear muffs. Then they put there Ipod ear buds inside the muff and bam you got music. It saves your ears rather than blasting your music trying to overpower the sound of the engine.
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    I am curious to hear more from this topic. My guys like listening to misic while working but I dont allow it unless they are away from loud equipment. They can wear them if they are using a rake or other hand tool as long as it doesnt prevent them from hearing my instructions, but if they are using power equipment they must wear ear plugs or muffs. Does anyone else have a review of either of these products mentioned. Im more curious about how the noise cancelation is more so than the mp3 quality.
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    I've used these now for three years I average a pair a year (one year I had to get another set).
    For the most part the deaden the outside noise to comply then the music or sound only goes to 87db, so with them pushed in properly and the music up you can still hear alarms the dull roar of the engine and things like that. I offered to let my guys try these with new replacement tips of course some like them some didn't the ones that didn't ,said it wasn't loud enough. As for replacement tips o believe 50.00 is for a case of 50 tips. I got six tips for 6.00 with shipping on amazon.

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