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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by A1 Lawn@Landscapes, Nov 29, 2003.

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    I just checked online and NO I repeat No LCO's wihin the three towns that I work in are legal, yet I have seen most of them doing apps. Two of them actually have a degree in hort and still no license. What are the penalties for this? Does anyone actually get caught? It costs about $1,000 up here to add apps to your insurance. Any thoughts?
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    Scrubs, price it cheaper and take the chance. If they get caught they have nothing to loose, or thev'e been doing it long enough to afford it. It does'nt seem fair when we all don't have to play by the same rules!!
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    It comes in at around $5000. up here, and our DOA does NOT mess around! It is very heavily enforced, and the guys who are doing it illegally here have NO CLUE as to how many of these guys are out there. They are out everyday,... and you never know what they'll be driving, or what they'll be wearing.
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    I am lic in MA,& NHas well and have been treating in MA for 15 years and I have never seen an inspector. They spend most of their time near the bogs and on farmland. I think there is only 4 or so for the whole state. Send the director an e-mail and complain ask him what he is going to do about it. In NH there was one person advertising it and there a few of us licensed people furious that they had not been cought. Their excuse was they have not cought him in the act, but they did find out where he was buying his product. BUT the couldn't get authorization to get out early in the morning to catch the guy, By the time the get to the coast its 10:00 and they can't find him.

    As for your insurance who the heck do you have? My rider policy is about $200 for the pesticides. You should try Hortica Insurance When I switched to them I saved about $16,000 the first year!
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    Im interested in taking the test for app. licence can anyone tell me if it is difficult and how long does it take to complete how to get started?
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    Depends on you experience and educatoin in the field. When I took the Maine test the written was scheduled for 4 hours and I finished in 40 minutes, almost the same for NH, MA was time regulated so it took all day (couldn't skip ahead in modules when finished with one) I also have a degree in Plant Biology so the tests were easy IMHO
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    I just got my quote back from Safeco with $1 million coverage for pesticide/fertilizer apps and they quoted me $1,800 for the year. That also included vehicles, office equiptment, etc. I am using my own truck, home PC, etc. (for now), so it will probably be cheaper.
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    If you can't pass the PA test, you shouldn't have been allowed to grduate from elementary school. This link will give you all the information you'll need.

    Any questions feel free to ask.
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    Sounds about like NC license. Never really studied the material and got a 90/100 on the first try. Anyone can get it.

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