pendimenthalin based pre-em or use barricade

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by gmlm, Jan 30, 2011.

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    i looked for other threads about this and couldnt find any. i was wondering if you all prefer to use a pendimenthalin (.86) attached to a 19-0-5 fert or the barricade with 19-3-5 fert for weed pre-emergence. also i am getting read to spread in the next week or so and was wondering if i should wait till after it rains to apply, or before if it needs to be watered in. i herd that pendimenthalin is water soluble and baricade isnt. any help would be greatly appreciated! im a little confused.
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    i hope i picked the write forum to post this.
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    they do both work well, but in your area the weather is different and i dont know which would be better. there is pros and cons of all dif chems.

    pendi is very staining and requires two apps, barricade is less staining and can be done in one app but can be overapplied easiliy and cause issues especially at seeding time way in the fall.

    what is your most problematic weeds? that will dictate your choice i would think. guys can help depending on the level of control of each accompanied with what you are going after .
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    I just put down 25-0-5 with .86 pendi in October and 5-10-20 with .86 pendi this week. Central Texas. First time to use the pendi. So far, accounts look better than anything we have used before. Will see how this spring goes. Will put down another round of 25-0-5 with .86 pendi around April 1.
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    When I put down my spring pre emergent the grasses are still dormant so I do not put down any nitrogen. My first round I prefer Prodiamine/Barricade. I use a granular 0-0-8 .43% Prodiamine/Barricade and it has worked extremely well. I do use fert plus Pendi in June and fert and Pendi mid Sept, but the first round I like the Barricade because it just seems to last longer and seems not to be bothered as much if we have some heavy and frequent spring rains.
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    thanks, and please let me know how april works out for you
    . what kind of grass do you deal with? bermuda,zoysia?

    dawg, thanks for the information. i split my contracts in half using pendi .86 19-0-5 on half and 19-3-5 barricade on the other half. i only have a few clients that are zoysia,bermuda, while the rest are fescue. i like your idea using 0-0-8 barricade in the winter. its probably cheaper per 1000 feet, while not needing the fertilizer in the winter.
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