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Pennsylvania exam and categories

Lasko's Lawn Service

LawnSite Member
Mercer, PA
I'm taking the core and lawn/turf category exam in two weeks. I've beens studying for the core pretty good but I found out the category tests are open book. How difficult were these tests and how long did you study before taking them?


LawnSite Bronze Member
Lancaster, PA
It's best to do a little studying for the categories, mainly knowing where things are in the books. While it's open book, some of the questions can get pretty obscure.

MV Property Care

LawnSite Member
Western PA

Go to this web address. You will have to search for a time/class that is not full. You can call Penn State for study materials. You will find a number somewhere on the website. You will probably take in Gibsonia, PA. near Pittsburgh. They give you 3 hours to take whatever you are taking. If you are taking just the core, you get 3 hours. If you are taking the core and 6 categories it's 3 hours. Study materials I think cost me about $180.00. That was for the core and cat 07 (lawn and turf) same as you. The category I thought was much harder even though it was open book. The answers were very obsure as stated earlier. Both the core and the category were 50 questions and you have to get 35 right. They send you the results. If you are self employed and don't work for somebody that has a business license you have to obtain proof of pesticide insurance and mail that proof with $35.00 and you will recieve your license.

jay albers

LawnSite Member
white haven pa
I know this is an old thread, but i just got my core study material. MAN thats alot of info!

How long did you guys study for? I have the core and ornamental to take.

I dont have a lot of cofedence when it comes to taken tests