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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by hollywood, Jun 25, 2003.

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    need advice on a dry laid fieldstone patio. i have only set walls with fieldstone before. the client does not want this patio to be mortared. i would be using fairly large and relatively flat stone. i plan to set it on a stone base and use sand or stone dust to set the stone. would i need to restrain this stone like a brick paver? the patio will be bordered by planting areas on two of the 4 sides.

    i basically have not seen any patios with this type of stone that have not been mortared. i just want to know if fieldstone is a realistic material for a patio. the patio will be approx. 169 square foot.

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    Paver not needed , only thing I would do is make sure the customer understands the flag stone surface will not be perfectly flat , your limited by the smoothness of the stone . Got some pics somewhere
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    We did one of these last year a little bit bigger. It takes a fair amount of time, and is a royal pain. The client liked the look in the magazine they presented, I even took them to tag the pallets. All and all, it gave them the look they wanted, I personallt felt they would have been better off w/ pavers as they do have patio furniture on it and it takes a little placement of chairs to sit level. Its fine for Adirondack style furniture, but being a perfectionist, its not my taste and I wouldn't recommend it for the use its receiving.
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    thanks for the replies. the patio is still going to be installed as planned. the customer is dead set on using fieldstone. this labor for this job is going to be priced slightly higher since it will take more time to get the stones set level as possible.

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