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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by Certified PA Roof Cleaner, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Certified PA Roof Cleaner

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    I just thought I would endorse the roof cleaning and power washing seminar at the end of July in Tampa. National Cleaning Expo is working in conjunction with The Roof Cleaning Institute of America to put this show on. They are going to have some great speakers and information at this show.

    I have been cleaning roofs in Pennsylvania now for just over 3 years. I love roof cleaning and my business really improved after I joined the Roof Cleaning Institute of America.

    The right roof cleaning chemicals applied the proper way (without pressure) can really produce amazing results.

    Just to give you an idea, here are a few roof cleanings we have done recently. The photos were taken within a few minutes after the cleaning process was finished.

    The first picture is a roof cleaning in Malvern Pennsylvania.

    The second set of pictures are a roof cleaning in Oxford Pennsylvania.

    If you are interested in the event, check out

    Malvern Roof Cleaning Before.jpg

    Malvern Roof Cleaning After.jpg

    Oxford Pennsylvania Roof Cleaning Before.jpg

    Oxford Pennsylvania Roof Cleaning After.jpg
  2. JCinNJ

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    what is your process to clean these roofs? Are you using a surface cleaner on them?
  3. Certified PA Roof Cleaner

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    No pressure at all. I use a dedicated chemical pump and spray the roof with no more than 60 psi. I generally use 0040 and 2540 tips to apply my chemical.

    A lot of the companies around here use those surface cleaners. They are hard on the shingles and my roofs stay clean longer because I actually kill the algae that is growing on the roof. The use pressure to remove it.

  4. JCinNJ

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    nice work....
  5. Certified PA Roof Cleaner

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    Thanks! I love cleaning roofs. Nothing is better than seeing the homeowner's face when they see their clean roof for the first time in a long time. They always seem to forget just how nice their home used to look

  6. Pat Konen

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    Those roofs look fantastic! Your no-pressure roof cleaning system really gives those homes some Curb Appeal! It surprises me when people pay several thousand dollars for a roof replacement when the only problem is algae on the roof -- and you can clean it for just a few hundred. Nice job.
  7. Certified PA Roof Cleaner

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    Thanks Pat! I recognize you from the RCIA. I really need to spend more time on this site. It really has a ton of great information on it. There are so many things that a business owner can take from this site it is amazing. There are also a lot of things in the chemical sections that can be very useful for roof cleaning in my part of Pennsylvania or any other part of the country! We can certainly learn some thing from these guys.


    FCPWLLC LawnSite Senior Member
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    There are good posts in the biz and marketing sections. PM me for another good source.
  9. FullBlast

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    Nice work on the cleaning of those Pennsylvania roofs. I like your bucket truck, I bet that comes in handy sometimes!

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