Pennsyvlania : No more sales tax coupon booklet?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by 1MajorTom, Sep 15, 2004.

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    Is the PA department of Revenue doing away entirely with the sales tax coupon booklet? I received a postcard saying we won't be getting one in 2005.
    Are we only going to have these two options to file? Internet and phone?
    I don't like that, after 6 years, I'm very comfortable using the paper coupon, I hate to be forced to change.
    Who else got this notice, detailed info will be mailed out in November I was told.
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    Hi 1MajorTom,

    I found more information for you here.

    The PA Department of Revenue is making it easier for you to file and pay your Sales Taxes by replacing its current paper-based system with two free electronic filing options:

    *filing via the Internet
    *using a toll-free telephone filing system (coming soon).

    Both methods are fast, easy and safe ways to file your Sales and Use Tax return and make payments. In addition to not having to use paper coupons, electronic filing offers many advantages:

    * Receive immediate confirmation that the Department received your return and payment
    * Calculate your return automatically, thus preventing costly assesments due to math errors
    *File early and set-up your payment for the due date

    You will not receive a paper coupon booklet for the 2005 calendar year. Sales and Use Tax account holders will instead receive detailed instructions about the two filing systems in November.

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