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    Pennywort keep trying to be a problem in one of the my St. Augustine yards. Image does a fair job on it but take repeated (3) applications to begin to knock it down. It comes back just when I think it's gone. I'm a little afraid to use of the Atrazine and basagran mix in the heat. BTW (2.5 gal 40% Atrazine) has gotten dirt cheap. Back to pennywort: Any suggestions--remember in warm season turf. Area is only about 4' X 6" and thin, but won't go away.
    Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Roy
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    well there is no reason to mix basagran in atrazine to kill dollarweed atrazine will do fine on its own...however you run a very high risk of introducing grey leaf spot by using it. nothing else available really other than image and that SUCKS
    for dollarweed.
  3. ThreeWide

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    Manor is what you need for pennywort.
  4. bug-guy

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    turf is correct manor + sticker is great for broadleaf on st aug
  5. wrivers

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    When I use manor/blade on dollarweed, its usually back within a few months. I have had better luck with Certainty (1.25 oz/a) for long term control. If it's not too hot, you can mix in a little Trimec Southern to speed up control.
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    Call a liscened:hammerhead: professional

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