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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by cutemhigh, Dec 11, 2007.

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    So, the business I am in now, which is my "transitional employer" LOL..I find that I go thru the pens. I work in a restaurant, and its a conflict for me to handout business cards even though I get the opportunity to meet 100 or so people each day. So, I had the thought..I buy pens all the time, might as well beat em at their own about advertising pens?
    I may or may not tell them its my business, but what the hey? Theyre gonna keep my pen anyway, may as well be my business card!
    That could work with lighters, too, for you smokers out there!
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    Yes if you're going to buy them anyway why not use ones that advertise your biz. The only ones I would personally bother with are BIC clicker medium point pens. Advertising with crummy iffy quality junk pens that people don't like to us [besides the lettering scraps off] is really annoying and IMO hurts your advertising message. :hammerhead:

    Sportsman's warehouse uses Bic clickers and as well as my local tractor dealer ship. They get used and kept until they run dry.

    Not really sure how effective a pen is on acquiring new customers, however I would not hesitate to hand them to a client who needs to write a check, when giving estimates for services, signing contracts etc.
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    Pens are EXTREMELY effective to gaining new clients. I mean that in comparison to cards. Business cards seldom drive new business without a face-to-face interaction with a company rep. If you are not acting on behalf of your company then the message will be delivered just as effectively through pens. The cost level is increased, but the labor load is decreased. In short, pens are a good tool to keep in stock and hand out regularly.

    We use or more specifically for our pens and calenders (which are great for holiday gifts). The cost is around .74 a unit for either and they have NET billing for those of us that like to see what we're buying before we pay for it.

    Good luck in your marketing efforts!
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    Yup What he said

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