People and their crazy Muts!!!

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JimLewis, May 29, 2009.

  1. JimLewis

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    What is up with people and their crazy unruly dogs with no manners???

    First, I gotta say I am an avid dog lover. I got a purebread yellow lab and have always had at least one family dog. But like kids, you gotta be in control or they are going to run you. I believe in discipline. I know that's not p.c. anymore. I know that makes me a brute. I am not that old but if the notion that kids and dogs should have a modicum of discipline and should be well behaved is an old school notion, call me old school then.

    I am out giving bids all day every day. 3-6 bids every day, 6 days a week, along with running the entire company. So I am always meeting people at their homes and walking around properties with new people I've never met before. For those of you who give a lot of bids like this, I am sure you know what I mean with the dog situation.

    But it's like every freakin' day there is at least one or more places I come to where the dog is like just going nuts the whole time. First, when I arrive, I can hear the dog going nuts just from me knocking on the door. Which I can understand a little. My dog will give a small bark or two if someone unexpected knocks. But he doesn't go nuts. That's not the problem, anyway...

    The problem is once the door opens and the little critter continues to go nuts. And instead of training the dog properly to stay off people, to relax a little bit, and to stop sniffing my butt and every other part of me, they just let the damm dog go wild and they say, "Oh, sorry about Fluffy. He's just excited. Haha." as if that excuses it.

    How about control your dang dog instead of letting him go crazy and do whatever he wants? What ever happened to that concept?

    Dang! I am just getting sick of it. I always smile and hide my frustration. I act as if it doesn't bother me. Gotta put on your best face when giving a bid, right? But really I feel like kicking the damm dog over the fence half the time!

    I am just venting frustration here. But does anyone know what I am talking about? At what point in our society did we all decide that dog training and discipline was out the door???

    p.s. Hope you're all doing well. Haven't been on lawnsite in months because we've been so dang busy. Most profitable year to date! Things are going ganbusters for us right now on every front. Thank God for that because I know a lot who are still really struggling. We're blessed. I hope you all are making it through okay. Take care...... -Jim
  2. White Gardens

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    Some of the dogs I run into are crazy. I have on customer that has their mean mutt on a really long chain. One day I was working and I thought that I was far enough away, and low and behold the dog runs up and nips my in the thigh.

    It wasn't anything major, smarted a little, but I didn't say anything unless I got sick or something.

    Why do people keep pets like that is beyond me.

    Good to hear from you Jim. Glad to know that the biz is doing well. Seems like you were freaking out about it last winter. It's not surprising how Lawn-Site takes a back seat when busy.
  3. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    It disgusts me. Why the hell do people own dogs when they aren't willing to train them? Or, hell, even pay attention to them for that matter.

    Any dog that yaps ceaselessly is a POS in my book, and the owner should be shot for being so inconsiderate to their neighbors, guests, etc...
  4. EVM

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    Not every dog is a mellow yellow lab. I really like it when my dog barks at people, it gets the message across. It is funny when people try to talk to my dog, he just gets rude with them. I always tell people, don't look at him and he will ignore you. They just can't help themselves to look at him or say something to him. Anyways, not everyone is a dog trainer either. Maybe you guys should open up a dog training business since you know dogs so well.
  5. JimLewis

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    Not everyone's a dog trainer??? Come on. You gotta be kidding me with that lame excuse.

    Don't give me this P.C. horse-shite about "Oh, I'm not a dog trainer so you can't expect me to have a good dog." That's like some homeowner saying, "Oh, I'm not a landscaper. So you can't expect me to keep my grass cut."

    "I'm not a car detailer so you can't expect me to keep my car washed."

    "I'm not a certified child care professional so you can't expect me to keep my kids in line."

    "I'm not a personal trainer or nutrition expert so you can't expect me to stay fit."

    "I don't have a degree in human resources so you can't expect me to keep my employees in line."

    I mean, come on. It's freakin' basic stuff. Classical conditioning, reward based training, and just taking some time with your dog in the beginning. And here's the great thing; if you're not naturally good at it, you're in luck! Because they make books and videos on it nowadays. Even websites and TV shows about it too! And even if you try every book, video, website, and TV show and all that stuff doesn't work for you - you're STILL in luck because there are professional companies where you can send your dog for a week and they will train them for you! Or you can even join 4-H and for $15 or so, you and your dog can attend a hands-on 10-week class where they'll actually TEACH you how to train your dog.

    Don't give me excuses. Excuses are lame - always.

    THIS is the kind of apathetic attitude that has our society so screwed up these days. "Oh. It's not my fault." "You can't expect me to know how to do that." How about some personal responsibility? You know what? I'm not an accountant but I'm still expected to keep my company's books in order. I've never been trained in child care but I am still able to keep well behaved kids. I was never trained in human resources but I still manage 17 FT employees pretty well. I'm not a marriage counselor but I've managed to keep my wife happy and my marriage strong for almost 15 years now.

    If you're going to go on your whole life making excuses for everything because you aren't an expert in that field, you're going to have a pretty pathetic life. Sometimes you just gotta grab the reigns and take charge, whether you were naturally good at something or not.
  6. JimLewis

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    I don't know that I was freaking out. But yah....2008 was pretty rough going. I came away from 2008 pretty worried about my business for the first time ever. It was very difficult to land jobs. It still is this year. But because of some big changes I made to make the company leaner, we can now bid a little lower and we are able to make a lot more profit. Unfortunately, some of the positions we cut to make the company leaner just puts more demands on my shoulders. So I end up working even longer hours than ever before. But at least we're making great money again.

    I was fairly concerned about how 2009 was going to be. I'm still worried about the economy in general and I still feel like we are sometimes on the brink of things getting much worse. It would take only one or two world events to happen to push us straight into a depression. But for now, things seem to be doing well. I am just focusing on using this strong time on paying off debt and stashing some savings away in case things start to dry up again. Knock on wood!
  7. EVM

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    I am not giving you an excuse.

    "Jim Lewis dog trainer/Landscaper extraordinaries"

    Will do your landscape and critique/train your dog too.

    "Your one stop shop"
  8. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    forget about dog's. What kind of advertizing do you do???
  9. JimLewis

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    Well, I don't talk about marketing publicly much anymore. Because I can't allow my competitors to know what I am doing. It would ruin it. But that's really my strength is marketing. We get more calls/leads for the areas we service than any other landscaping company.

    I'll send you a P.M. later tonight when I get a little time. But this is something I don't discuss much except in private anymore.
  10. JimLewis

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    I'm not even saying everyone has to train their dogs. But damn. If you're going to invite someone over to your house to take a look around the place, and you have a dog that can't stop yappin' the entire time or can't stop jumping all over your guest, then maybe just leave him in the garage for the duration of the appointment. Is that too much to ask?

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