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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Keith, Jan 18, 2000.

  1. Keith

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    Alot of useful lawn care products have showed up in the past few years. In addition to the mowers that have been introduced, you also have things like the stick edger, the Power Pruner, and extended reach hedge trimmer. All of these are extremely useful to the maintenance industry.<p>There have also been a number of not so good ideas. I may be the crazy one here but I beleive Encore takes the prize, at least most recently. For their walkbehinds they have introduced a removable gas tank. The logic behind this is, it is easier to change the gas tanks for refueling than simply refueling the tank on the mower. They claim less fuel spills (better for the enviroment) and quicker refueling. What? You don't change the deck on your mower when ya need blades. You don't change the engine when it's time to change the oil, just so you can avoid an oil spill. Geez, if you are having all this trouble refueling, have someone give you some lessons on putting gas in a container! You have to put gas in the extra tank too, how do you avoid spilling it all over the place then?<p>I actually looked at the new Encore Prowler rider. The dealer showed me the &quot;cool&quot; removable gas tank on the walk behind and I thought better of buying a new Encore. If the removable gas tank is the best they can come up with, maybe there are better choices. :)
  2. Lazer

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    How 'bout the Kees 60&quot; with 4 - 13&quot; wheels, 2 per side. The combined wheel was 16&quot; wide and 13&quot; tall. It wouldn't track up flat turf (until yuo turned), but don't try to climb a curb. <br>
  3. Keith

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    Which Kees? Tell me it's not a ZTMax. Oh man, I knew this was gonna happen after the Toro/Exmark vs. Yazoo/Kees lawsuit. Man they have to come up with their own stuff now. LOL<br>I think Exmark and Kees had an agreement. Exmark would leave the back door open and Kees could come over and get the parts (or rather the whole mower). I don't think Toro understood the agreement.
  4. Lazer

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    Keith, that's too funny!<p>No, this was a walk-behind made 10-15 years ago. One of the first 60&quot; wb's ever made. They didn't know what to do for bigger tires, so they just added 2 more little ones.<p>I could be that the guys from eXmark decided they needed to build mowers when they saw that thing.
  5. jeffclc

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    I once saw a take off of a Grasshopper that had two 5 galon tamks. No big eal, right? Well the tanks were actually 5 gallon plastic protable containers. The same ones that are $7.99 at Wal Mart. I thought that it was kinda cheap, but then thought that it could be useful, and since the containers were standard, you cound use tthem for other gas storage.<p>On the other hand, there are a lot of really good inventions in the last few years. I would like to hear what some features you guys would like to see on mowers.
  6. Jay Raley

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    What do I want to see on a mower. That is easy. A cd player and air conditioning!!!<p>This would make the day so much better!!!!
  7. lbmd1

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    I'm with Jay, enclose a z rider with a cab and a rollover bar and put a/c in it!<br>

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