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People sitting on thier $

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Business has slowed down in this area from 2 weeks ago for me, people seem to have gotten very tight with their spendable cash. Bid 7 lawns 2 weeks ago and people just say they need to wait and see now! Lowballers are bidding at just silly prices also, but I just finished a install and I was the high bidder. I sure hope "QUALITY" means something yet today. One last vent, I'm sure sick and tired of the customer constantly[repair work only]complaining about the cost of a repair, seems they all want it done for FREE!
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One last "VENT" I had a condo complex that I maintained over the last 5 years, it is 20 years old and tired. I put in all new timers and rain sensors, and worked out a hourly pay rate that was actually too cheap but enjoyed the challenge.
But now every year they change the person in charge of the Grounds, and they drill me on everything I've done for the past 5 years, also half the people in the complex hate each other, it's actually a modern day "Hatfield and McCoys!" Finally yesterday I had enough and said See ya and Good Luck! Feel better now, sorry for the vent!
If I was you, I would make sure that my name/sticker was on the controller box so that when the next (new) manager comes in, maybe they will call you!

Also, call the owner or District GM over the property and let them know where you are coming from. Let them know the history, tell them how you have been working with them, and tell them how you have helped them time in and time out again.

Then explain to them (cordially/professionally) that at this time that you will be unable to assist them any longer. Tell them that the account has become 'worrisome' and as much as you enjoy the challenge of working on their system, but that their are too many layers or time-management risks involved.

Finally, offer the owner a contract. Maintenance, PM, winterizing, the full shebang. Contract a monthly amount for visiting once monthly, plus winterizing. But put an hourly labor rate, and parts markup. Make the contract effective for three years (actually better to state it as 36 months).

Good luck...I need your number so I can vent too! (Usually at the end of the month when waiting for my $$$)
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that was a good response jasond. i like the maintenace contract. we started one this season for commerical accounts. it has worked good.

good advice.

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