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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lawnranger44, Dec 19, 2001.

  1. lawnranger44

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    Do you use any special tricks/any way to convince someone that you are offering them the best price possible? for example, when giving price estimates, is there anything you say that works to convince them that they're getting a deal ?(even if they aren't)
    my dad gives lots of quotes for his job, and one of the little tricks he said is to say "well i'd like to save you much did your last service charge?" does anybody use something like this?
  2. chicks-dig-lawn-guys

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    I like to walk around with residentials asking them what they want done and how they want it done also you tel them some stuff that you want to do with it. So they end up hearing that you are going to do a lot of stuff.....then you give a price and they figure that they are getting a lot for thier money. That seems to work alright.
  3. walker-talker

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    Be honest, know what you are talking about and speak with confidence. These three things will take you a long way.
  4. lbmd1

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    Lawn Ranger,
    I purchased a book a few years ago called " Words that Sell" by Richard Bayan. It has words to use in marketing to different classes of people (rich) and words that people like to see when advertising products/services. It is the best $15 you'll ever spend if you market your services professionally. For example, if you market to the wealthy, words and phrases they like to hear are:
    "for those who demand excellence"
    " caters to the discriminating few"
    " for a lawn of obvious distinction"
    " selective"
    " prestigious"

    For those comparing other LCO's:

    "don't be deceived by........."
    "No other lawn care operator comes close"
    " If you confused by the current deluge of ........"
    " Our outstanding service and reputation for quality has spawned a host of imitators"

    These are just 1\1000th of the words/phrases and categories that are in this book. The book shows you how these words and phrases have been used in the past with great success. It's something anyone in our business should own.

  5. Being confident in what you are selling is the best trick.

    You don't even have to be honest (not saying im not) just have to sound like you know what you are talking about.

    Learn how to sell. If you can sell ice to an eskamo then your good.

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    Right on, lawngodfather. If you use a wimpy tone of voice when giving them the price, they may assume that it is negotiable. Have a clipboard with you and a sort of a price list. I think if you use any cheap sales jargon, they will get the same feeling they got after they bought their first "lemon".
  7. Also Matthew this will complement your post.

    DO NOT let the WOW factor come in. That goes with the wimpy tone of voice.
  8. site

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    Be confident.
    Be yourself.
    Sell a top quality service.
    Dont be afraid to say no thanks.
    If you see a simpler way or something that could save the customer money-show them- this will help build trust.
    Know your costs and how fast/slow you are.
    Do a top quality job even when you screwed up the bid and are doing the job for free, but try not to do this too often.
    Slick sales talk is for furniture salesman.
  9. Sean Adams

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    In reality, you are what you are. Trying to fool people will only make you look like a fool. The key is personal relationships. Know going in that your intent (or at least it should be) is to develop long-term fulfilling relationships with your clients. Make this evident. Explain to the prospect as a person, not as another bid possibility on your clipboard. Rich or poor, people prefer doing business with someone they consider a friend. If you can master this skill often times price is secondary at best.

    Sean Adams
  10. Matthew Morgan

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    Sean is right on! I have many clients who have become friends. When they need something extra done, they just call and tell me to do it. No questions asked. They trust me to do a great job at a fair price. This makes things comfortable for all involved. They are not calling every tom, Dick and Harry in for quote.


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