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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WildMowMan, May 22, 2003.

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    We all know the type.....sometimes dumb/sometimes smart individuals doing ridiculous things blindly.......A few years ago, I had an employer in Bergen County, NJ who had been in the business since crawling age....Always boasted about having never been injured on the job in the "20+ years that I've been doing this" scenario....Y'know the MR SAFETY type always quick to tell you how things should be done, "learn from me...."
    So its mid-June and we're midway through our hedge trimming accounts...He sends me ahead with the 10' step ladder to begin the next house around the corner and he stays to finish up this monstrosity of a yew that stood about 7'-10' tall...about 1/2 hr goes by and through the backwoods I hear some expletives being screamed followed by a loud 'crash' and more obsenities I run through the wooded area between the homes to find my boss with the tips of 2 fingers gushing blood and he's curled up in a ball cringing and his helper scrounging for first aid....
    Apparently, this is what had commenced... he needed a ladder to reach the top of the yew but because he had sent me with the 10'er he ended up using this old-fangled wooden tripod 8'step ladder, that had seen many a break in its day ( i'm mean this thing was truly being held together with homemade brackets screwed into the wood, I dunno why he wouldn't just buy a new one after all these years, must be a sentimental thing, i dunno).
    He needed to reach that 1 extra foot on the top that was up against the house so he proceeded to stand on the top rung of the ladder, held onto the bush for stability with one hand and leaned over the bush...Supposedly he passed over and stirred up a beehive which made him SPAZ out........The shift in weight sent the homemade bracket screws right through the back of the chewed up wood and bowed the tripod he was going down he found himself losing grip of the gas trimmer......instead of instinct telling him to save his butt...he reached out with the hand that was holding the bush, to save the trimmer as the engine was winding down so it wasn't even a quick cut, it was more of a slice/pinch. Regardless once he let go of the bush he went down anyway so did the trimmer attached to his hand.
    When he landed, the trimmer had been knocked free from his hand which left him 2 bloody nubbins......He ended up with 20 stitches, 5+ bee stings, plus a dislocated shoulder and hip complications................. but don't worry the gas trimmer was fine ( i used it the next day to finish the 1/2 trimmed yew --- plus I brought bug spray).
    The jackass fixed the ladder and still uses it today........lmao..

    Even MR SAFETY has a brain fart every once in a while....
    :help: :laugh: :help: :laugh: :help: :laugh:
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    Most people live and learn, the rest just keep on living !

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