People trying to dump their worthless accounts

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Richard Martin, Apr 5, 2013.

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    Years back when a friend and I were new in the biz I'd refer PITA customers to him.

    Just to see how long it'd take him to figure out why all these folks were telling him that I sent them his way.
    It took quite a while, (couple seasons) one day he called me up acting angry and told me to knock it off.

    Yeah, I'm that kind of friend. lol
    You won't need enemies around me.
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    I think all the Jefferson Co. fellers are working in Pell city during the week :laugh:
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    In the Spring I had a lady call me and asked if I was going to trim her tree or not. I asked her name and told her she wasn't my client. She said the company that serviced her property last year had given me this phone number so it was strange it was a wrong number. I am sure they got sick of dealing with her and pawned her off on me. She told me the guys last year charged $125/month. She ended up hiring me and I averaged around $200/month. I am thankful they pawned her off on me. She has some quirks, but she has been a very profitable client.
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    I've done two major "purges". The first to drastically reduce my service area, the second to trim out mow-only clients. Both times I split my recommendations amongst several companies. I wouldn't suggest that anyone interpret referrals as a bad customer. The companies that I send business to work in those areas and love mow-only, respectively. They were happy to take on those clients.

    On a side note, at noon every day all the high end companies(6-15 trucks a day) meet at one gas station, so everyone knows each other and their employees. I should post a pic if I think about it one day. Crazy amount of rigs in one parking lot.

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