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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by lawnandorderny, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. lawnandorderny

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    Please share some positive stories because in my area, nobody wants to pay to have their lawn done, but they want someone to cut it. I am just starting out and dont want to low ball because i am not in this for charity. I feel I am giving the lowest price possible and the people I have been dealing with think its to much. I try to stick with a $25.00 min. because with gas prices going up, anything lower does not seem worth it. I gave out flyers with a price on it for each specific house. I got a call from a lady with a flyer for 35.oo for a cut, trim, blow. She wanted us to do the lawn and give her an estimate for mulching and a few other things. We were going to start tomorrow so i called to confirm the date with her and now she thinks are price for $35.00 is to high. She can have the boy across the street do it for $15.00. I told her that if he can do it for $15 than that is the way to go. I know this is all part of the business but I just dont think I should go lower in price just because people dont want to pay for a service. Please give advice, horror stories and please I love the success stories. Thanks all
  2. JRS Landscaping

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    stick to your guns i dont lower my gate for less than $30
  3. CALandscapes

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    I agree with JRS; don't back down from your price. It's better not to take the work if you're going to be doing it for free (or even worse, losing money on it).

    Keep on hustling; you'll eventually get to where you want to be.

  4. topsites

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    Why not try and do one for free, see what happens.
  5. F3Nelson

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    Here is my new suggestion to the kid down the street or the guy that will do it for 15 bucks.

    Give me his name/number/card, I have some yards he can mow for 15 bucks, and I will keep the rest and not do anything!
  6. lawnandorderny

    lawnandorderny LawnSite Member
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    I agree and I havent. I guess you start second guessing your estimates. I know it is early in the season, but I was hopeing to have a few more lawn accounts by now. Come on guys, lets get some success stories going to help motivate us new guys, that always helps keep me going. Also, any problems you folks happen to run acrossed always helps so we can all learn or feel better that it is not just happening to us. Thanks This sight has been my insperation and is my mentor. Thanks for all the tips and info I use it all.
  7. big acres

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    Your just coming in at a tough time, that's all. Keep selling all summer because the $15 per cut guys will move on to their next big thing. Oh, and be glad you did not just start a limousine service.
  8. CreativeEdge

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    yeah you always want to stick to your prices, you know how much you need from each cut. If you lower your prices for her in the beginning she will always expect it and ask for it and if she refers you to someone else they will also EXPECT the same low price. I am in Atlanta and I will not drop my gate for anything less than $50. Just always let your customers know that you strive to uphold the best industry standards in your area. Reassure someone like her that they are guaranteed a professional cut on a timely basis. You are the pro not the little high school kid down the street w/ his dads 42" Walmart Murrays.
  9. j05h22

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    LOL one day that's gonna be on a T-shirt:drinkup:
  10. JeffNY

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    Its bad for everyone right now, no one has the cash to do any landscaping, and the gas is a major setback for everyone. One lady just told me she'd like her whole yard landscaped, flower beds and all, but she just doesn't have the $ for it. Sucks. Gas has gotta come down eventually

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