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I got a call today on 2 resdential jobs that one person owned.I stoped at all of them and fiqured a proposal on each job.The customer wanted full lawn care, trees,shurbs and mowing.I started talking to the customer, by asking what was wrong with the service before? She said that the service before was charging her for 1 time fee per month and only cutting it once a month, in which was supposed to be every week.And that they where not blowing leaves out of the white rocks around the houses.In my opinion, both lawns where taking very good care of, shurbs and lawn, except the palm trees.That was the only problem I saw with both properties.I could tell that she was a pain in the ass, and no one could please her, by the way and manner she was talking.<br>So, having remember an article I read in the &quot;Mowerman&quot; magazine, about when to say &quot;NO&quot; it has to be the best article that I read in any LMO magazine,and the most usefull.<br>I gave the customer the price of $120.00 in which was a little high, because it was a small lot 60X120. But knowing that she would not take that offer.She didn't,so i asked what was the last LMO service charging you a month? She said $45.00 a month and they rasied $5.00 , she chased them off her lawn today telling them not to come back.<p><br>People aways think that there lawn is worth a certain price and it will remain that way as long as they live there. So people, price them high!


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And if she bit at your price, you would be kicking yourself for how long?<p>I just tell them flat out, sorry not interested in the job. Why not they might ask? Just not interested thats all.<p>Bill

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