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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by clncut, Mar 11, 2005.

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    Ok, Ive read many threads here and have just on last question on this subject.

    When bidding larger accounts. Lets say the account has four acres of open land with minimal trimming. Is this where you bid your per acre amount? With the right equipment 4 acres would not take long at all so I would think if you bid 4 acres at an hourly rate you could possibly be making less money than if you had an per acre amount?

    Now lets say the same 4 acres of grass has much more trimming and has many obstacles. If you were to use your per acre amount you could possibly be loosing money. Do you instead of using your per acre amount, figure out how long its going to take to do service this account and then figure in your hourly rate?

    Thanks, just trying to clear this question up. Ive read many posts on this and found some have a per acre amount and some say bid hourly?
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    if its wide open then i do an acre price. Mine is around 45 bucks. If there is alot of stuffaround and trim work i go by the hr. Say 45-60 bucks
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    Thanks for the reply, thats how I do it. Anyone else care to share.
  4. Doster's L & L

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    I charge about $45/acre as well. If its mostly wide open, mowing, then it's $45, lots of weedeating, edging, blowing then it's $50 or so. If it's a large property that has an open field that they want cut only on a 2 week basis, then i'd charge about 25% on top of my regular rates.

    Evidently I am alot higher on my prices here than the other guys are in my area. I put a bid in on a 10 acre prop just this week. I asked the guy what my bid looked like compared to the other bids they'd received. From the tone in his voice, not only was i the highest bid they got, but i might have been considerably higher than the 2nd highest bid! If ya want to be in this business, ya just have to take records, keep em, and adjust higher or lower depending on what your competition is doing. My .02 cents.
  5. clncut

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    Thanks guys for your help

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