Per Cut, Monthly, Yearly...What's your take on it?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MDLawn, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Totally agree, it's def a luxury. It's been dumbed down to the point that anyone can afford it. Another reason why I stay away from mow and go....those people typically can't afford much more than that so my prices don't fly with least down here. Not saying that's how it is everywhere.
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  2. MDLawn

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    I've mentioned this before in other threads. Why spend $600 on a decent self propelled 21" mower when you can have someone mow your lawn for 3 years! I found it amazing some people who have their lawns mowed by a service.
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  3. TinMan1

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    Everyone beats on the maintenance guys but how many companies since 2007 have made more money in the Maintenance section than the Landscaping and had to convert. Not everyone can afford a $40,000 back yard but can afford $150 a month so they dont have to cut their own grass. Gotta make it where you can I would definitely like to do Installs for 5x more but thats not reality
  4. yardguy28

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    there more to it then just the intial cost of the equipment and that's what clients look when hiring a service.

    the people that hire us but could do it themselves don't wanna mess with having fuel and filling it up, the maintenance of the equipment, etc.

    to be honest I don't blame them. at this point in my life if I weren't in the business and could afford a lawn service I'd hire one too. I'm only 31 and in excellent health but I'd rather spend my free time enjoying it with say swimming in the summer or playing video games or watching a movie or some form of entertainment.

    in fact even though I say I'm never going to retire if I ever would get out of the business the first thing I'm gonna do is sell EVERYTHING and hire an LCO or move to a condo where I don't have to do that stuff.
  5. MDLawn

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    THAT WAS MY POINT! Why mess with all the stuff when you could probably spend the money on a cheap lawn care company. If more companies charged normal money making rates these people would not have a mowing company doing their lawn. But there will always be the low price volume lawn company niche. Not for me.
  6. MDLawn

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    I would agree on this but why not have them spend $200 a month, $300?? I bet you could if you wanted... Oh wait nevermind $20 per cut guy is going to mow their lawn because it's "fair".
  7. cpllawncare

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    10 years ago, before all the illegals got in the game you couldn't touch a LCO for less than $300/month, and all that had a LCO doing their yard was someone that could actually afford it, not every Joe on the block. We've got to get back to target marketing and leave all these people that have no business hiring a LCO alone.
  8. yardguy28

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    I disagree.

    having a lawn service is no longer for the rich as a luxury.

    there are tons of people who need someone to cut there grass. the elderly and disabled are the major ones.

    I'm not saying charge dirt cheap but we need to keep prices afforable and fair.

    as long as there scrubs though prices will never be able to total raise to where some of you want them and the higher you raise yours the more scrubs you will employ.

    I'm 100% legal as a business in every way but because I'm solo my overhead is much lower than those with employees. because I'm single my cost of living is less than those with wife's and children. I personally capitalize on this because I can afford to charge less and still turn a profit than the guy who is married, has a couple kids and 6 employees. so in some regards you guys wanna keep raising your prices through the roof go right ahead. I'll be right behind you with a price that's a little cheaper signing up the clients.
  9. MDLawn

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    That is my plan for this year.

    I refuse to be part of the volume mindset. "If I get X amount of lawns I can make this much, well if I double that I can make this much, triple that and WOW I make a ton and only have to work 90hrs per week!!"

    I'd rather have 30 customers at premium mowing rates with total landscape maintenance (trimming bushes, mulch, aerating, overseeding, tree trimming, snow plowing, etc...) Make the same money as the volume guy and only need to maybe put in 50-55hr work weeks in the busy part of the spring and then have time to do other projects later in the summer and early fall because you're only maintaining a reasonable amount of lawns (solo that is). But I realize this is not easy to do and more than likely will be like climbing Mt. Everest without supplemental oxygen.

    What's funny is that all these big time operations you read about in the magazines got their start in the 80's. Made boatloads of money like a business should and have tons of equipment thats been paid off from all the loot they collected. They can survive in the current market on their increased efficiency because the great profits allowed them to purchase things that just made the work easier rather than completely efficient only.

    New business.....can't even afford a mower to do his job without going broke.

    We'll see what happens in the next few years, but it's good paying work or no work at all. Not worth killing yourself for pennies instead of dollars.
  10. KeystoneLawn&Landscaping

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    How many of you like paying for something you don't receive?.......I read many posts of some being confused how you can run a business without knowing how much is going to be coming in. Almost all business runs that way. You can project the years possible income from past years performance and growth, but you never know for sure! Doesn't matter if your retail, building and construction, service industries, etc...... In the end, I feel better billing for what I've done, not what I might do!

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