Per foot pricing on bed edging trench master?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Shawn260, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Shawn260

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    I was wondering if any yall had a per foot rate re-edging out beds with your bed shaper. The other day we were doing a mulch job when the do-it-yourself neighbor came out and wanted his beds Done Like That!!!!! Anyway he cought me off gaurd so I told him $100 and it only took me 15min. He was very pleased and I made out fine but after thinking about it later I said I would have felt much more comfortable with a per foot price to give him even if It were less money for me that day I would not have even had to think about it just measure it off with the wheel and give him the take it or leave price and any one else interested for that mater. Thats the way I price my mulch $62.00 per yard all material and bed-prep included period. (unless its a gravy job and over 20 yards and then I will cut some slack. I could charge - wholesale for the mulch and get my $41.00 per yard labor rate but that still gives me no per foot price and also this guy wanted no bed-prep either just trenching cutting in the V-bed. I look forward to your input. I always want my pricing competitve and a little on the high side Especially for that type situation of do-it-yourselfer probably never see him again anyway.
  2. SwihartServices

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    I would go .75 to .80 cents per foot.

    I am considering using one of the bed edgers. How many feet per hour can you get with that any idea?
  3. EJD Lawnpride

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    This is a great question. I charge .50/ft. with a $100 min.
  4. BeautifulBlooms

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    We have only charged $1 per foot and not been turned down because of it, but I am thinking that if we cut that price down to $ .75 - $ .85 per foot we might be more competitive. I also think that if I am also getting the mulch application it is much better to lower the edging price as there is almost no cleanup just spread the pile out and put the new mulch over the top. If however they are not having a mulch application, first the mulch must be pulled away from the edge, then edged, and then pull the mulch back over to the new edge so $1 per foot might be better in that situation
  5. GreenN'Clean

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    Well look at it this way, 15 mins to do the edge and make $100 bucks was well worth it. How big was the bed you did for the guy for the $100 bucks?
  6. Duekster

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    Ok guys.

    The Equipment is around 2600.

    Inflation ( I gotta buy new when this one wears out ) 4%
    Finance 10%

    So it cost 2600 X1.04 X 1.10 = $2975

    How many hours do you think it will last before you scrap it? 2000.00 Hours? I kind of figure 2000 hours on an air cooled gas engine and be happy if I get 3000.

    So, 2975 / 2000 = $1.50 per hour.
    There are then ofcourse many other charges to consider like Insuance, G&O, storage, repairs and lst but not least the freaking pick up you used to move it back and forth.

    All things said and don't I basically allow $20.00 bucks per hour on my equipmet packages no matter what tool is being used.

    So now I have my labor? I typically charge 35 plus 20 so $55.00 per hour.

    So yes a minimum would be nice at $100.00.

    It says it will do 10 feet per minute so your true cost is around a 10 cents per foot. You also have the clean up cost.

    I think you are safe at 50 to 60 cents per foot for most residential jobs. I would tighten down my figures on larger jobs if you ever want to go there.

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