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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by RockSet N' Grade, Jul 31, 2007.

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    So, there are rules of thumb on bidding jobs from plans. I am interested in what some of the numbers are: ie, for curb/gutter prep around here it is typically $.80- $1.50 a running foot , concrete tear out of 4" slab for driveways and reprep is from $1.25-$1.75 a square foot n/including dump fees. I am interested in more commercial numbers like footings, typical hole prices, pipe pricing, parking lot grading, sidewalk prep and the like. Any one out there with estimating experience feel like sharing?
  2. RockSet N' Grade

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    So is it that bidding a job is of no interest? Is it that bid prices are a closely guarded secret? Around here digging footings is going for about 12.50 a foot. A water service install on a new house goes for $750-$1000. Grading a 1/2 acre front/rear yard for "rough-in" for contractors goes for $450 and then when the homeowners come in to finish it, it usually runs $1,000 to grade w/o any top soil.
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    Rough -in, rake, finish grade, sod in front (approx 600 sq yd), seed in back, a half dozen shrubs and a couple scoops of mulch on a "starter home" is going for around $4k in my neck of the woods.

    I have a friend who says that he can do better work faster (& therefore make money) by buying a load of good topsoil versus scavenging dirt on site. I plan to try a little experimenting myself to see if I make out better even if i have to spend a couple bucks on the good dirt. Maybe my builder will split the cost with me.

    I would say that $450 for rough-in is in the ballpark according to what I have seen.
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    RSG- I'm not sure about footings, but as far as the grading goes, the prices you gave are pretty close for a custom home. If you're working for a production builder, the price drops significantly. The water install is pretty close too. For some reason, digging seems to pay better (or closer to what it deserves) than grading does. :rolleyes: The same goes for trenching. It's crazy what some guys can get per foot just for installing something simple like a sump line.
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    I am glad you started this post but I do so little new construction that I really have no useful information.
    I will ask a couple of builders what they pay and add that information.
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    AWJ.....don't cut yourself short. You have alot (we all do) to offer on this one. It is not only new I am interested in, it is remodel, renovation, general costs. I figure if we share, we learn and can benefit from our strong suits as well as weak areas.....Here's another one from me: tear out front yard ( 30x50) and parking strip (50x6) and haul one load of debris to dump. Rough grade so they can hand rake it out for laying sod. No sprinklers in front, no sprinkler install. I figure it will take me a total of 4 hrs. with me and my laborer and 1 hr to dump. Price: $750.00 Also, not responsible for any cracked or broken concrete during process. This is a house built in the 50's and rehabing for a flipper.
    Dozerman- give some of it up brutha :) What are some of the numbers you use....... :)
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    SiteSolutions: 10 wheeler of screened top soil delievered within 1 hr in this area is $250.....( that's 12 yards). To spread it, it takes about an hour: $80. That is the price if we are already on the job and working there. If a happy homeowner wants just one or two loads delievered and spread, our minimum including transport for tractor/grading is $500 minimum.
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    KSSS?, Constructo?
  9. RockSet N' Grade

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    I started this thread with this thought in mind: empower myself, and empower others...I figured this was a safe area to talk openly about the bottom line, the difference between failure, just making it, and success is not the nuts and bolts of equipment ( which is important, no doubt ) but pricing, bidding, getting the work and growing. If I can't bid properly, I can't grow or be competative no matter what color machine I there you have it, its out in the open, this can go nowhere or somewhere depending on you guys.....
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    Sorry i'm in a different ball park:dancing:

    I do mostly trenching with tiling machine.I get .75 to 1.00 a ft for that and .05 to .10 a ft. for backfilling trench( use the CTL for the backfilling).

    Plus make a few cents a ft.on the material plastic drainage tile.That depends on size .I mostly install 4" to 12" size.Lots of 4" for drainage reasons.

    I have about 30,000 ft. plus to do here in the next few weeks.Average about 3000 ft. aday when things goes will.Don't hit buried car bodys,brushpiles,or rocks.Doesn't make for a good day:dizzy:

    I would say the rough end dirt jobs you quoted was for the norm here.

    Not much help Sorrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!

    I do get $80 an hr for the CTL and $85 for the mini 4 ton size,use it for tile repair work, works out well for that.As you can see i'm more in my our world on here;)

    Just bid high when you have more then you can do and make the big bucks:drinkup: Good Luck and have a great day:usflag:

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