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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by JsLandscaping478, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. JsLandscaping478

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    I've been out of the irrigation game for a couple of years so I was wondering what are the prices you all charge per zone??

    When I last did it, we (company I worked for) charged $350 (or so) per zone with a min of 3 zones. This was 4 yrs ago, so would $450 a zone be a good price now a days?? Just trying to get an idea. I think my current estimate would land me with a 40% profit, does this sound right??
  2. Mike Leary

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    For that kind of money, I'd barely cover parts.
  3. DanaMac

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    Prepare for some hazing. Pricing per zone will get you too many ups and downs on profits. You really need to do a time and materials breakdown for each job. I know, many guys bid per zone, and I have done it many moons ago. But I learned from all these old geezers here and have become a better irrigator for it.

    I could have a 4 zone system using 300' of pipe, in sand, 3/4" PVB, in and out in 6 man hours. Or I could have a 4 zone system using 900' of pipe, in rock/granite, 1" RP, taking 20 many hours. You do the math........

    If it's cookie cutter subdivision homes you MIGHT be able to come up with a simple formula.
  4. ARGOS

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    Don't make the same mistake as Dick. It's T&M not T&A.
  5. Sprinkus

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    I've got some 80 head zones you can do for $450.
  6. 1idejim

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    your humor has been at the top of its game as of late, you start eating meat or what?

  7. greenmonster304

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    I often wonder where that pricing method came from because people ask me how much I charge per zone all the time.
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  8. JsLandscaping478

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    I do see what you guys are saying, but I guess if I clarify you might get a better picture. The woman says that she needs 4 zones, 2 are for flower beds and 2 for the lawn. Typically for the flower beds, I use no more than 7 misters per zone, and for the lawn I use no more than 5 turf heads per zone.

    I did a quick ride by and the width of the yard isn't too wide, but the front yard has a serious downward slope and it looks like a serious pain. I dont know how the back looks. I'm going by tomorrow to take a look and give her an estimate.

    But I gotta say, the subdivision she lives in is ballin and I love the way the houses look. I'm gonna see if I can get some pictures.
  9. Mike Leary

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    We've talked about this many times. A pro should be able to do a walk-thru and give a fairly close ball park at that time. If the would-be client freaks, why do a design and a proper estimate with boiler plate specs? It's sell, sell, sell. :weightlifter:
  10. ARGOS

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    You'll know pretty fast if you have the job or not when you do a walk through. I also ask the budget. Most people know the cost before calling, but there is the occasional person that thought they could do it for "a couple hundred bucks" when it is a couple thousand bucks. I will also do the design for free if I am confident of getting the job, but if I am in doubt at all I charge for the design with the agreement that they get a credit toward the project if we do the install.

    PS. I got a 'B' on a stellar essay in High School when I used "thru" instead of "through". I still remember his red pen "Thru is to describe a fast food drive 'thru' window".

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