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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by moreira85, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. moreira85

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    Looking to do a dry well to bury one downspout. Dug a 4 ft by 2.5 hole and put in about 10 gallons of water. Monitored and got about 5 inch drop over 1 hour. It's a clay based soil. I wasn't impressed by this. Should I abondoned this? My other option is I could dig a trench that would have to go under the walkway through the yard and empty into the street. Does option B sound better? I wasn't sure where to post this.
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    contact the local ag extension or the dept. of enviornmental health with the findings and ask them what their historic records may tell you. my cousin is the dept. head here and has been very helpful to us with water and waste info. :)
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    you are pretty close to the water where you are. Here on the east end of Long island in most of the areas you can dig down about 2-8 feet a get clean sand maybe it will work where you are. check this out
    on Monday i was digging a very small dry well for a puddle that forms in a low spot of a driveway after 4.5 feet i was in the water table.
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    Run it to the street . Depending on the surface area of the roof and the amount of rain you will need a pit not a hole. in these parts they make you put in a storm water management pit to catch the water from the rain spouts . The adverage size is 10 ft wide 20 ft long and 10 ft deep filled with stone . And we have sandy soil not clay . And these wont take all the water in a wet spring .
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    So now I have to figure out how to get the drain under the walkway.
  6. Kiril

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    Or you could look up the information yourself.
  7. moreira85

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    The other option To avoid the walkway is I could seal off the downspout in the front left of the house and slope the gutter so it goes to the rear downspout. Then run the rear downspout to the woods.
    Would this work. I just don't want to overload the gutter.
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