percent who do/don't water after seeding

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    (especially regarding seeding lawns in the spring - Midwest)

    A) % of customers who lightly water twice per day = _____%

    B) % of customers who water once per day = _____%

    C) % of customers who never water = _____ %

    (the above 3 responses should total 100%)

    FINAL QUESTION: Do any customers cancel service because their new seed fails?

    I'll park it right here. Thanks in advance.
  2. Smallaxe

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    If they have automatic irrigation then you have 100% of the clients agreeing/not agreeing to the setting... if they are required to manually turn on at a set time then you have 100% failing to do so consistantly...

    Fortunately, this time of the year doesn't really matter... :)
  3. ed2hess

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    We can only water once a week even though 100% have irrigation so......
  4. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Speaking strictly of non sprinklered yards......

    Heck no, no one waters the seed in on non-rain days.

    I would say 10%, 20%, and 70% in that order.

    **Here is the kicker. Because people wont water a slice renovate, I DO NOT guarantee the seed job. They get watering and mowing recommendations from me, but the seed is on its own. There is no way you can guarantee an overseed job. Now a seed job on bare dirt, I will help the customer get a good stand.
  5. EquityGreen

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    I leave a sheet that say this must stay damp for one month. you may need to water twice to three times per day depending on your soil. For years I guaranteed results and this season I'm not guaranteeing anything. People will pay for what you do. Ive taken lots of before pics this spring. May post when I'm not working 95 hours a week. Good luck All!!!!

    in my area

    A. 40%
    B. 40%
    C. 10%

    D. all the idiots that don't know how to read and think grass will grow magically. 10%
  6. shovelracer

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    These are assuming a a paid installation.

    Strangely enough if you change the question to percentages who do that after doing it themselves with seed from a jug, on top of barricading off the area, making a special phone call or email to let you know, etc. You get


    Percent that expects warranty after not watering, 90%
    Percent that think all seed is alike, 99%
    Percent that think you can grow grass in the densest of shade and poorest of soils because it says Dense Shade Mix on the Label, 100%
    Percent of people who refuse to prune trees to let in light, but expect a lawn in their shade exactly like the sunny areas of the neighbor, and assume because they hire out services that this is not a problem under a reasonable budget. 99%

    Percentage of statistics that are made up on the spot when talking percentages 90%
  7. americanlawn

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    from midwest
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    Thanks all -- That's some funny stuff. Too bad it's true. BTW, we charge $70 - $125 per 1000 sq ft. depending on difficulty factors/equipment/materials needed. Minimum charge = $70.

    slit seed
    seed + encap

    Also now using mostly turf-type tall fescue (looks like bluegrass)

    I checked out a lawn today that we seeded in early September. She called in this morning saying most areas are looking very good, but some areas (full sun) were "sporatic" regarding new grass emerging.
    I asked if she ever watered during dry periods. She said, "I spend October -- April in Arizona, and No, I never water my lawn".

    But thank God she understood, and realizes she may need more seeding this coming fall to finally get her lawn back in shape the way she likes it.. cool deal & I am greatful she understands the importance of watering new seed.

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