Percentage of calls from flyers

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BufalinoLand, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. BufalinoLand

    BufalinoLand LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have heard the % of calls from flyer is usually 1%, does this sound correct
  2. TurfProSTL

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    There are many variables, but I would say 1-2% is average.
  3. kickin sum grass

    kickin sum grass LawnSite Senior Member
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    overall yes. The more you put out it seems the lower the percentage. Then half or more of those are price shoppers. its not all bad though. I strung out around 1000 flyers a few years back. I ended up with about 3 accounts. It paid for the advertising and then sum. I made money on the repeat business from these customers and also the referals. So 3 does not see like a lot but it will add up in the end. I still do these 3 plus there referals, and the referal's referals. So the money has been well spent for the flyers and they are customers I do not need to pay for again.
  4. nobagger

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    I got lucky last year, I put out only about 200 or so in an area where I only wanted about 2 or 3 lawns to fill my schedule and the response I got was pretty good. I gained 3 customers (good paying) ones at that. I am printing up some more but I'm only going to put out about 200 or so twice a year in 2 areas I want to start getting into. At least these prospective clients will see my name twice a year
  5. BufalinoLand

    BufalinoLand LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yupper, Im tired of working for people who dont want to spend a lot of money. So I am targeting neighborhoods that i think people dont have enough time to do their lawnwork. Its not who cant its who wont

    Im firing out about 4-5000 postcards and letters, its gonna cost me some jing, but targeting neighborhoods is better than getting a mass mailing with price shoppers

    thanks alot
  6. walker-talker

    walker-talker LawnSite Platinum Member
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    I know 1% has been kind of a rule of thumb, but don't get discouraged if it's less. It all comes down to the area being marketed.
  7. Jpocket

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    Thats exactly what im doing except im doing about 1500 Postcards. I usually get ALOT better response rate than what people are saying on hear. Heck A few hundred doorhangers got me a ton of work last year.
  8. sgallaher

    sgallaher LawnSite Senior Member
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    I just mailed out about 250 fliers last Friday and I've already received 2 calls. Of course it also just snowed about 14" here so now not too many people are thinking about landscaping and mowing.
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