Percentage of direct expenses for mowing crew

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by seabee24, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. seabee24

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    Just doing some math. Without going into a ton of details, if you figure labor and labor burden, direct fuel, equipment maintenance, repair, and depredation/replacement, vehicle maintenance/repair/depredation/insurance. What's your total direct percentage? Mine seems really high to me.

    After you then add in overhead costs, it seems like I would be better investing money in other areas when comparing the liability and potential profit

    I need to figure out if my sales numbers are low or our expenses are too high. I feel I'm charging a fair price, could be higher, but I'm not mowing for cheap either
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  2. 205mx

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    Get quick books.
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  3. seabee24

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    Qb will not tell you if your percentages and dirrect cost are high or low

    Just wondering industry averages. I'm aware it will change with areas, but it shouldn't by much with dirrect costs
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  4. Fubba

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    We're at 63% profit based on April, May, and estimated June numbers, but we have trucks, trailer, and mowers all paid off.
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  5. McFarland_Lawn_Care

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    Messages: 1,445 still should be setting aside money to replace equipment.

    @Seabee - after all the items you mentioned, then what is left that you are considering "overhead costs"? Sounds like you are looking for nets for mowing?
  6. Fubba

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    That number takes into account our retention in the business as well.
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  7. seabee24

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    In my mind, I'm not profiting enough for the effort put forth.

    So that means

    A. We are priced too low
    B. we have too high of over head costs
    C. Direct cost is too high. Due to high labor costs or slow production and too much o/t

    Factoring mower depreation should be similar accross he country and that's the "fund" that replaces my equipment
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  8. 94gt331

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    I'd figure mine out, but I don't feel like getting depressed right now:laugh:
  9. Efficiency

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    Im can grab these later but we are also feeling victim of A B & C. No sure if its real or percieved.
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  10. Exact Rototilling

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