percentage of high end homes with solar lights

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Pro-Scapes, Jun 5, 2006.

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    Today we were a bit slow (kinda nice) so we decided to go hang some door tags. I was floored at the amount of high end homes with solar lights stuck in the ground. Most were crooked and several in pieces. One lady told me she has had issues with 2 other landscapers installing lights that work so shes hessitant to let me do it at my pricetag.

    I thought about getting a good pic of a house with solar lights and one with out lighting and then tag houses with the solar lights with these special door hangers. something like "solar not cutting it?" or something. Just amazed me how many people actually buy this crap.

    Thank you lowes and homedepot!!!!

    Sorry just had to vent that off. Just crackes me up to see an h2 in the garage and a million dollar home with 100k in landscape and solar lighting.
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    We come across that all the time as well. I've actually seen homes that had close to 100 or more of those solar lights scattered around the yard. I wonder if they really like that look?

    On the other hand though, at least they are thinking about landscape lighting and they could just be one of our next customers.
  3. Pro-Scapes

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    my wife and i were driving around tonight... Came up with a new name for em. We can no longer reffer to them as "lights" from now on they are dim dots. Thats all they look like.

    Im sure for some homeowners who spent 2 hard hours trying to figure out how to put them together and pulling out the little tape to connect the battery love em. Feeling of self accomplishment for joe homeowner. Just like the crappy stack block walls we all see or the stoned beds full of leaves and clippings and weeds with plastic DIY edging.
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    welcome to what I call "my future customers". This should confirm how new this industry is...not the concept but rather having it professionally installed. Thankfully the desire is out there. I have had the good fortune to have traveled to southeren Cal, Pheonix Az, Eastern coast of Fl, and Houston Tx. I thought for sure I would be blown away in such places with the lighting. Not the case, only one town impressed me as I drove around at night and that was Pheonix Az. I assumed that here in fly over country we were just behind the times. Professionally installed low voltage lighting is still a newer concept in many, many places across this country. Emphasis on professional as in a company that does nothing else and does it esceptionally well.
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    I did an instal recently. He is has worked as an electrician for 25 years. He had the home depot specials in the front lawn. I call them glow bombs. He ran everything on a daisy chain and the voltage on the the last fixture on every run was 7.5 volts. You couldn't even really see the light unless it was pitch black outside. He was throwing the idea around of just doing line voltage, but I talked him into letting me do the low voltage and as always he was blown away. It looks better than every line voltage house on the block. I did have to use a little higher wattage bulbs to his lighting, but it looks great.

    He did really want the transformer in the garage which I have never done. Kind of a pain considering I had to run everything in conduit in the garage.
    What is UL code for doing things in the house? Do you have to be an electrician?
    TRavis Schiffner
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    travistiy, ask paul on the ul code. he said that kichler has one rated for indoor use...transformer. Paul is the right guy to cover this with since he is also an electrician. check out the underground transformer thread.

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