Perennial Ryegrass

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by teamoneoutdoors, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. teamoneoutdoors

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    Due the the high temperatures experienced in our area and inability to plant before Nov 1 due to inaccessibility to turf(football field being used), I put down perennial ryegrass during the first week of Nov. Water restrictions combined with lack of rain has hurt germination. I walked the field today and can see grass coming out of my aeration holes.

    Eventhough this is relative to a football field, I wanted to get some feedback from you guys on your experiences. Soil temp is averaging around 58 degrees. Do you think this turf will grow?

  2. chris638

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    Aerating and seeding at the same time is never recommended. If you are properly aerating, then you are plugging up to 3" deep. Seed cannot be planted 3" deep and have a good chance of germinating. You should have slit seeded instead. Football fields in are area are not 100% rye. They may have rye in them, but not all rye. Did you fertilize when you seeded. If not, it should definitely be done. I also doubt you are seeing the seed you planted germinated. There is no way that you can have rye seed visible when planted 2-3" deep, very little moisture, and 58 degree soil temp. Just not possible. You may have to go in EARLY in the spring and slice seed.
  3. BrandonV

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    i think he's overseeding bermuda most likely, common practice down here. i think it'll come up I've had good luck so far and the little rain today will surely help.
  4. teamoneoutdoors

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    I am overseeding 419. I went out this morning before the heavy rain and applied 18-24-12. I am in fact seeing some of the rye. It is only coming out of the aeration holes.

    Forecast appears to be showing a slight warming taking place beginning on Monday. It has just been a weird weather pattern for the last several months. We still have trees with green leaves on them and this is certainly the latest I have seen fall color.

    One of the factors in overseeding so late is that my bermuda 419 was still so strong and growing. I didn't want to to run the risk of scalping my bermuda and it bouncing back with the additional power of the fertilizer.

    It is nice being able to read about some experience that others are having. Thanks for the feedback.

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    u did what u could with what u have to work with and if u get a little more rain it shoud be ok
    i am front the north and quit seeding a month ago but as long as the soil is warm above 55 it should grow
  6. Mike33

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    I dont feel rye grass is that drought tolerable. I use tall fescue 90-10 blend from pennington seeds and it is actually called athletic field mix.
  7. EagleLandscape

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    Did you scalp the tif 419 all the way down to where you could almost see the soil? Did you bag and remove all the clippings? It's important that the seed has contact with the soil to germinate properly.

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