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    I did a search and didn't find what I was looking for. I need some suggestions for perennials. Customer is looking for color and low maintenance. These plants will go in part sun/part shade. Thanks for any help.
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    Are they looking for color in the form of blooms or foliar color? Is this area irrigated or not? Do you want something that will bloom in stages, like one plant in the spring, one in the summer, etc.? Re-blooming plants? There are so many perennials to choose from.

    *Rudebekia is a great summer and fall blooming idea. Different shades and varieties.
    *Hostas are great! Lots of different colors in thier foliage and also have blooms (not sought after for their blooms though)
    *Daylillies will give you multiple blooms, especially Stella d 'Ora
    *Ferns are great with multiple varieties (some have colors, others are just textured)
    *Astilbe is a great addition
    *Phlox, Dianthus, Heather, Candytuft

    I suggest going to a bookstore and taking a gander on the shelves, as there are too many to really mention. And if you don't know the common ones I mentioned, then it will really help you see what I am refering to when I say foliage color and textures vs. blooming values.

    Most all perennials are fairly low maintenance, with the occasional dead-heading for making them continue to rebloom. But most just need to be cut back after the frost nips them.
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    Try All kinds of info
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    I am looking for bloom color, all areas are irrigated, and I am looking for some plants that bloom in the spring and then others that bloom in summer. Very good suggestions and website. Thanks.
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    These were not mentioned above and bloom most of the summer.

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