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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by UtahGrassBust, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. UtahGrassBust

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    Hey everybody. I'm trying to perfect my 2 and 3 man maint. crew. Each team has 2 toro commercials and 1 36 in walk behind. We edge each lawn. Lets see what you've got.
  2. topsites

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    Well I have the 48" Wb and a fs-100rx and a blower for most lawns.
    Backpack mostly, hand held only in summer, both in fall.
    For the larger yards I'll load the 60" Z.

    I do have more than one mower but most of the time I only load one or the other, I'm allergic to push mowers and I don't carry spare machines with me... It's just not worth the loss in mpg and driveability for one, it gets in the way for another.

    One mower, one trimmer, one blower, rake and tarp.
    That's all the crew I need.
  3. hackitdown

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    When I have help (so a 2 man crew), on big lawns, we use a 52" ZTR, a 48" stander, 2 trimmers, 2 blowers. Both start off mowing, then both trim. One stops trimming to blow.

    On small lawns, one mows while the other trims/blows.

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    My crew is me and one guy. We have a 52" Toro Z, 32" Exmark walkbehind (for backyards with small gates), a 21" push mower for even smaller gates or certain customers lawns. We have two weed whackers, 1 edger, and 2 backpack blowers. Most times I cut while my helper weedwhacks, edges, and starts blowing off. Depending on certain yards I help him finish up.
  5. ACA L&L

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    Three man crew:

    I could knock out 36 lawns on a friday and 20-28 mon - thur with this system. Tight route. Pull up jump out. Crew leader starts edging one mower in back yard one mower in front. When crew leader finishes if he needs to grab a mower then he does or he grabs the blower. Start in Back move to the front, the guys should be loading up, empty bags, check gas in all equipment every three to four lawns. Load up and go to the next one. Your guys should always be moving if not find a new one that will. Your break time is the time it takes to get to the next lawn.

    Two man crew:

    Crew leader trims while guy goes to the back to mow, when leader is done trimming he jumps on a mower, crew support comes around checks to see if he should help mow if not not leaves mower at trailer gate jumps on blower start in back, leader loads mowers, emptys bag. move on to the next one.

    No matter how many guys u have on a crew your goal should be to finish at the same time. If this is not happening after a few weeks of working together than they are doing something wrong. Same lawns everyweek they know how long each one takes to mow. Speed should increase after a few weeks as well. I had a crew that was still takin 10 hours on a fri 1 month after they were together. Took the crew leader out me and him finished the rout in 71/2 hours with a pruning two of them. They were never longer than 8 hours after that.
  6. colnc

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    I run with one employee. We maintain on a weekly basis 120 accounts with 116 being residential with an average size of 7000 sq. feet of grass. We run one Walker 26hp 42" deck and one Walker 26hp 36" deck. Our route is extremely efficient. We start about 7am and finish around 3pm. Rarely do we go over 40 hours a week (rain) and in the summer when the growing has slowed we can do it all in four days! We could not do it without the Walkers they get in and out of areas very nicely. We also edge, trim and blow everything off.
  7. ACA L&L

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    that is an ideal situation right there!

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