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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by PerfectEarth, May 9, 2010.

  1. PerfectEarth

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    Thanks! The previous owner did mainly a Sam's Club lot with it on the back of nice little International low-profile dump bed. He also had the plow for sale- a 10' Boss in great condition as well. We decided to forgo the plow (even though it was also a great deal and in beautiful shape) cause it was a beast and the mount was a tricky swap... and I was honestly a little nervous about a giant municipal plow on the front for year one plowing with this truck.

    He kept every square inch of the spreader covered in spray grease. It's all over the carb/throttle/choke controls on the engine. You can't touch it without your hands getting greasy and coated. But it did the trick. I changed out the air filter and spark plug. The oil was clean and on the mark. Needed almost nothing. Very excited about filling it up and hitting the road.
  2. Wright48

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    Looks like a very wealthy area that you do work in wish I could break in to somthing like that, money should be very good
  3. PerfectEarth

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    Yup, I've been very fortunate to grow up where I live and work- east end of Louisville. Have a lot of good relationships with families that I've grown up around (kids I went to school with) and people from a small town named Anchorage where I used to work.

    For 10 years, I took care of the grounds for Papa John (the pizza guy- he is a real person) in Anchorage on his estate. We also did all the quaint little commercial properties he owns in the town center. So you get to know the residents, do some work for some eventually, and word spreads. I've definitely been blessed with a good area to drum up business. Haven't had to really go looking so far.
  4. PerfectEarth

    PerfectEarth LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Got the 9' Western ProPlus installed today. My buddy and I had his plow mechanic out to my shop and he did an awesome job! It was nice to "help" :laugh: and see it all take shape. Total assembly in 5 hours.

    This plow is sweet! Test drove it home tonight and Fluid Filmed every inch of it for about an hour.




  5. 93Chevy

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    Nice looking plow setup. I've seen a big increase in Western plows this year.
  6. Jpeg lawn maintenance

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    Plow looks very nice man good luck this season with it.
  7. wrightscapes12

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    you do some of the best work ive seen on here, bar none...looking for an intern in the spring?? Haha
  8. PerfectEarth

    PerfectEarth LawnSite Bronze Member
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    :laugh: Sure! Bring the Bri-Mar and the Chevy and we'll have some fun! Thanks for the compliment- much appreciated.
  9. greenstar lawn

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    Nice plow buddy you going to put a rubber snow deflector across the top of it?
  10. PerfectEarth

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    Yes. A basic Western rubber deflector has been ordered. I thought about making one but what they hey.... Also thinking about slapping on two Winter Equipment plow guards on the edge to combat wear- considering I'll be doing lots of roads.


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