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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by PerfectEarth, May 9, 2010.

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    I was going to get a western one as well last year until i saw how much they wanted for one. Then i found rubber manufacturer and he cut one up for me and it was 1/4 of the price. I dont know how people plow without them on. I also have the guards on there as well and they work great. Now i just need to order me some fluid film and spray mine down.
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    Inspirational.. makes me want to be a better landscaper.

    Thanks for sharing
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    Best work I've seen on this site, especially the boxwood trimming. My only complaint is, (lots of guys on here do this too) is they install beds and mulch with no edging, when you're doing maintenance the weed whips grab that mulch and throws it all over the place, frustrates the crap outta me! Mulch alone drives me nuts, mainly with fall and spring clean-ups and you blow out a bed and half the mulch is in the grass...
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    Perfect Earth..just read this entire thread pretty much, have to agree with everyone about the caliber of work you do, it is amazing. I didn't see you mention how you collect the small hedge clippings from the beds. I did 4 accounts this year where i mostly trimmed hedges and such and didn't fool with the grass, so I used a bg85 with vac attachment in the beds, but the pea gravel was a headache sometimes. I'm just wondering if I'm missing something and there's a better way to clean up those clippings that I'm not thinking of.
    Also, almost thought you were talking about a guy out towards Prospect/Goshen who worked for Brown-Williamson, had a big estate, but I can't remember his name right now. Me and my dad did some construction work for him a while back, and I know he had some full-time landscapers working for him too. I remember hearing about Papa John, that was bad... I used to live up near Sellersburg, Indiana, I don't know if you're familiar with anything north of the river. I spent a lot of time in Louisville and Clarksville, all that 'Kentuckiana' area I guess.

    Again, nice work.
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  5. PerfectEarth

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    :laugh: Thank you!!

    Thanks! Are you talking about the lack of a edging product, like brick or metal edging? Or the lack of a spaded bed edge? Most, if not all, of my mulch jobs get a spaded edge in the spring before the mulch is laid down. With Fall clean-ups, its just something you have to deal with, IMO. You've got to expect to lose some light mulch to raking and blowing. Sometimes I'll go back over the turf with a blower after aggressively blowing out a bed to put any mulch back in.

    Thanks very much! As for any boxwood clippings, I try and remove them all. the best rake is a small Corona "fan" rake with the larger width tines... get small debris out with light raking and fits in small spots. I have a few of these rakes and they do a great job of bed clean-up. I also lightly blow the beds out where I can. I've thought about vaccing the clipping up like you, but I've had bad experiences with those handheld Stihl blower/vacs. I think they take to long to pick stuff up.

    My buddy who got me hired on at Papa John's place is named Ryan V. He went on to start his own landscape company and did most of his work, early on, for Owsley Brown Frazier, who does live out near Prospect, I think. That might be who you are thinking of... he was pretty much his personal landscape guy. That was years ago tho...
  6. DollarSign

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    I was referring to an edging product...
  7. PerfectEarth

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    The vast majority of my customers, and myself included, do not want to use a bed edging product in most residential applications. We much prefer a natural, spaded edge. After a few rounds with a trimmer, the flying mulch isn't too much of an issue anyway. It settles down and hopefully one wouldn't be that aggressive while trimming anyways.

    I guess steel edging or a natural cobblestone look would be my preferred edging choice if it had to go down... I hate landscape timers, concrete curb edging, plastic edging, brick edging, wall block edging. I think that stuff looks horrible and distracting. A clean spade edge is my favorite.
  8. DollarSign

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    We most definitely have different tastes. Must be a regional thing, I'll have to get some pics of the edging I've got in my yard as well as the brick rock bed edges I've got that border the house. Trust me it looks good :D but for now it's covered in 25" of snow.
  9. jhouchins

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    very impressive. Nice quality
  10. PerfectEarth

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    Happy 2011 everyone! Been very busy so far with pre-mulch clean-ups. This year I decided to get a jump on properties and split the "clean-up/cut-back" part and the actual mulching and edging. So nothing interesting going on- or picture worthy at least.... People just don't want mulch this early so it's best to just stay busy and get a jump. Then you can just focus on mulch.

    Did some really nice Norway and Blue Spruce trees today. They were really nice trees and looked great in the ground. They should thrive (really great soil)...






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