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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Ric, Jul 1, 2003.

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    I have been using a lot of different fertilizers for different application. But I have finally found the perfect all around blend and price.

    13-3-13 for shrubs and trees is nothing new. Depending on the minor package it has been a proven product. Normally it cost more and some companies have sold 12-2-14 with lower minors to bring down the cost. 12-2-14 is a good ble
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    Oops posted by mistake before I was done.

    12-2-14 is a good blend but lacks the minors and therefore cost less.

    13-3-13 slow release made by Helena has 5.6 units of slow release and a full minors package. I have used it on shrub, trees, Citrus, palms and now TURF. Yep it has cut mowing costs compared to 24-5-11 no more hay fields after all this rain. No more brown patch from high nitrogen, nothing but green lawns because of the high minors and slow release. Cost is below 12-2-14.

    All of the members that know me are surprised that I would use just one blend. Heck I am even more surprised that one blend is good for every thing, but it really works. The only time of the year I change is in February High Nitrogen for green up. (warm season Turf) The high minors and potassium help in February.

    Try it you will like it but remember all 13-3-13 are not equal I am talking about Helena Chemical special blend that I had made for me. Contact Shaun Yule salesmanger in Florida to get the same stuff. If he gets enough requests for it he will make it a standard item.
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    How much product are you putting down per 1000'? Also, what type of grass? Do you put it on any bermuda?

  4. what are the nitrogen sources,
    sulfate of potash
    cost per bag

    things going better ric

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    2% chloride so It has got to be Sulfate potash. Polymer/Sulfur coated urea and a little Ammonium sulfate. Minor package is a 3-2-2 with a 10% combined sulfur.

    I bought this for shrubs and ended up putting some of it on grass. Boy what a pleasant surprise. Dark green and no hay field to cut. We had 13" of rain and other fertilizers have washed out. not this stuff.

    Helena's Price??? I buy it in 5 ton lots. yep I get a real good price just under $2000.00 No it is not a cheap product but you get what you pay for. The 20 bag guy is going to pay a little more.

    Things are good but very busy. I am still in need of a spray tech and a irrigation tech. My landscape designer is going out on his own so I am wearing toooo many hats for now. I hate drawing landscape plans because it is not easy for me to be creative. People buy my designs but I am never happy with them. In college I got A's in design but only because I talked the teacher to death

    In late fall when things slow down we will get back to Fertilizer Thread. No way I can handle it now.
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    hey rick...could ya check out the "scu in august" thread and see if ya might lend a little of that knowledge?

    maybe someday we can run out to chandalier island:D

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