Perfect for someone starting biz 2 walk-behinds $850 for Both

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by another_jose, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. rsp1961

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    have to agree, something isnt right here. my sisters EX bf, was the same way..always "wheeling and dealing" getting stuff from flea markets, reselling it, telling my sister he was a "jewelry maker" from Argentina, accept it took a while for her to realize she never saw him actually make any jewelry of quality, only beaded necklaces and crap. Then we found out he was selling, one piece at a time, my parent's 18 setting antique sterling silverware. It was from when my mom was a child.

    Interested in WB's until he then posted having so many 21" mowers, and started getting suspicious. Buyer Beware!
  2. RhettMan

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    Hola this is TEJAS we barter, drink corona, and have cheap mowers.
  3. RhettMan

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    No seriously guys where is your respect, there is no crime in buying from flea markets and advertising to those who might want it.

    I cant imagine if someone were to publicly attack my business and judge my character or intent from a sales ad I placed, some should feel ashamed.

    If you dont like the low price keep your thoughts to yourself. Everyone needs to eat.

    Possibly they were stolen previously and by other people but i dont think its right to accuse anyone of being shady over a few lines of text.

    If you dont have anything good to say, STFU

    If your scared of hot equipment, get a bill of sale.

    I MOW ALONE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    absolutely nothing wrong with buying and reselling for profit. And i never accused him personally of stealing them but it's obvious if he is doing that many deals a year he definitely has a hook up somewhere on hot sh-t. I personally would stay away. Get a reciept and let the cops try and find this joker wont happen and guess what your stuck with possession of stolen property. Go ahead and buy from him all you want.
  5. another_jose

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    Thanks, RhettMan
    (I do give bill of sale and 30 warranty or 3 day money back.)
    im not here to rip no one off, just trying to pay my bills and feed my family

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