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    I'm a newbie to the forum, my name is Phillip, I own Performance Lawn in Tulsa Ok. It's a small company, just myself and 1 employee with right at 50 accounts, some commercial, some residential (on contract and pay per cut). I started with just me and a 10' flatbed with 1 push mower, 1 weed-eater, 1 edger and 1 blower.
    Now I have 1 60" Dixon Kodiak, a 32" Stander 2 Toro comm. pushers, numerous hand power tools,4 Echo weed-eaters and 1 edger- 2 Shindaiwa hedge trimmers, 1 pole, and blower- Red Max edger and blower- Husquavarna weed-eater and blower. I have a Billy goat leaf loader and wheel blower on 1 trailer, it is also set up to mow if necessary and a second trailer with all mowing equipment. All powered around by a Dodge diesel.
    I'm slowly setting myself up to expand to 2 rigs when necessary. I joined here to learn how people have grown their businesses and what steps to take next. I have found the point I'm at is a little more tricky than previous steps. I'll will listen to any advice anyone has to offer that has been there and done that. Thank you all!
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    Welcome from Fort Worth, Texas.
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    Thank you Scott! Do you know if there's a way to tag someone when you reply to them, or does it automatically do it when I clicked reply to this message? I had a post on another thread and I wanted to make sure the people knew I appreciated the advice! Yeah, I'm not super knowledgeable with tech stuff.... haha
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    Welcome to the site from Plymouth, Mi
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    I have seen your signs in sand springs I think
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    Welcome from Winston Salem Nc
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    Welcome from another Tulsa Area guy.

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