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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by lawnstriper23, Jun 6, 2008.

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    Wasn't sure where to post this question and since I am a homeowner I will start here. I am in the process of designing a pergola for my back patio. We are installing this as the backyard faces the south and we need shade. So my question is this, when installing the rafters on the pergola, which way should they face to get the most protection from the sun? Might sound like a crazy questions, but we are installing this as protection from the sun as our #1 priority. Any thoughts?
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    if you are looking for maximum sun protection, i would orient them N-S. i would consider which orientation is better esthetically. either way will offer protection, but that will vary according to season and time of day. you can influence the shade more by adjusting the space of the rafters and purlins.
  3. lawnstriper23

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    nmurph, thanks for the input and your comments do make sense. After thinking about it I too think North- South would be the best for my install. Sounds like a weekend project, but should be worth it in the long run. I am going to "hire" my father- in- law and brothers to help. They are usually fine with payment in the form of food and beer so that works out since the wife loves to cook. I will post pictures of the process.......

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