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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mopar4u, Jun 25, 2018.

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    when we moved into our house it had rock in some areas and mulch in some areas with fabric underneath all around our house. both had a tendency to develop weeds due to soil building up ontop of the frabric and/or mulch breaking down and creating a nice medium for weeds. i converted all rocked areas to mulch a few years ago (that was a pain). we are at a point where the weeds are bad enough that we are pulling everything up and starting over.

    if we could afford to pour concrete all around the house we would so that we wouldnt have to deal with weeds or maintenance. we dont want rock. is wood mulch with fabric our only other option or is there something else we could put down that would get us closer to maintenance and weed free?
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    You could remove all planting beds and just mow lawn up to the house if you want to minimize weeding.
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    Nothing is 100% maintenance free. If you are not a big fan of rock then bark is your solution. It is recommended not to use landscape fabric under bark. The bark will decompose and make a layer of fine particles that just help promote the weeds to root deeper and penetrate the fabric. It is best to install the bark with a pre-emergent herbicide such as Preen or Snapshot. You may have to apply the pre-emergent a couple times a year depending on rainfall and weed population. Also if you live in a rural area or next to open fields it is impossible to keep all the weeds seeds from blowing in your landscape beds. Weekly weeding and possible spot spraying with RoundUp will help keep up with the weed population. Weeds are a pain and can take over your landscape beds very fast if not maintained on a frequent basis,
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    If you don’t like weeds plant more plants.
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    A ground cover such as Pachysandra is an option. You will have weeds initially, but when it fills in the weeds will be less likely to germinate due to the lack of sun the ground would get. Though dense ground covers such as Pachysandra do attract mice.
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    You are planning many hard hours of back breaking labor to get rid of a problem (which doesn't go away) when you can in a few minutes of easy labor, spraying weed killer, put pre-emergent (once every other month if bad) every time you mow. Just make it a part of your weekly routine. Why kill yourself.
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