Perimeter pest-what's your guarantee?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by villagegreenlandscape, Dec 18, 2007.

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    I'm considering adding perimeter pest control. For those of you doing it already what is your guarantee?
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    I am not sure what all Texas Pesticide laws allow. In most States, Perimeter Pest Control falls into Structural or General Household Pest Licensing. Therefore Most perimeter treatment is offered as part of inside pest control and not a stand alone service. If there is a call back for Pests inside the home, Then that would be the guarantee that you treat for them at no charge. That is how it is done in my state.

    BTW I have had customers for years that only got Perimeter treatments and had no pests inside.
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    In Texas I can do a perimeter treatment but not go inside (I don't want to anyway). I know quite a few lawn care companies are upselling perimeter treatments but my experience with a pest control guy is like yours that pests can still get inside and I'm wondering what they do then?
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    To start with a clean home and do perimeter treat can be very effective. Pest control is all bout sanitation. Try and stay away from those with more than one Dog or Cat and Small children. By telling your customers to use Bait Traps inside and remind them to change them out every 3 months, should solve a lot of problems. However Grocery Stores are a big source of problems and you can carry in pests.

    My advise would be to explain all of this to the Customer and tell them in the case they have a problem inside you can not treat inside and they will have to call a Licensed Professional to care for the problem. Remind the Customer your Perimeter treatment is only for Ants and Cockroaches. Bed Bugs (Still on the rise) Fleas & Ticks Etc. are not included. As a Add on service you must offer the customer a perceived bargain since you will be unable to follow up legally on call back treatments.

    BTW Inside Pest Control has a very high Margin of service charge to chemical cost. In also has a low start up equipment cost and a small economy vehicle is all that is needed. However it also has a High Call Back Rate and scheduling problems. One of the Big Boys in My area has their techs each do 30 perimeter sprays a day with back Packs. They go inside only when the customer calls. There average stop is about 5 minutes flat.
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    I offer no guarantee with my perimeter spray. That may sound weird, but I've never had anyone ask. I tell them up front that if they have pests in the home already, the application is highly unlikely to effect them.
    What Ric said about pest control is right, very high profit margin, very little investment, but a lot of scheduling issues.
    I worked for Terminex for a short time and did 25 to 35 houses per day. All I would use material wise was a few gallons of Tempo, or some bifenthrin and a few bait packs for mice, literally maybe $8/day in materials to generate a little over a grand.
    Tell you what I hated about it.
    1. Service Master is a crappy co.
    2. People are slobs, I had to go into houses I otherwise wouldn't have gone close to, rotting food, dog crap in the carpet etc. Gee, I wonder why they have pest problems
    3. Having to make call backs, most of mine, in fact all of mine but one weren't because of some complaint or recurrence of problems, they were all because people forget or blow off their appointment, so I show up, on time and no one is home. I spray the perimeter and they get home and call, "Your guy didn't even go inside, blah blah blah."

    Good luck, and be careful if you only have a Turf and Ornamental certification, some states do allow you to do a perimeter spray w/o a structural cert. but they are very limiting, such as not allowing you to spray near doors, or under roofs, (like a covered patio) or in garages. If you are serious about adding the service, I would look at adding a structural certification.
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    I looked into perimeter pest control, but found out that you have to have a license for structural pest control. This is a Federal Law, not a local one, so it is the same in Texas. Those other lawn companys must have people working for them that are certified for structural.

    I was going to try to also get certified for structural, but, you have to have worked for a pest control company for 2 years, and I'm sure the insurance I would have to carry would be different, even if I did not do any inside work.

    You can hire an employee that is certified for structural, and as long as the employee that is certified for structural is doing the perimeter work, I think you are ok.

    The resao it is set up this way, is that, even though you are spraying outside of the building, you are still targeting pests inside the building. (Not really, but preventing them from entering the building)
  7. topsites

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    Give them the same guarantee as the product's longevity statement.
    So if a product claims to keep an area free of pests for 30 days, that is your guarantee.
    Whatever, 60 days, 90 days, it depends on the product, it varies from one to the next but since you are using it then you should back the mfg's claim. See if you do it this way then trust follows... Ok, first you find a product you can trust, then once you find that you use it, so then in time your customers will trust you.

    Of course it takes some time to find the stuff that works for you, and so on.
    And if it doesn't work you need to throw that crap away and get a good one LOL
    But at least this way you won't be using stuff that doesn't work as it says it should, see what I'm saying.

    How I do things.

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