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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by sway, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. sway

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    We currently offer a perimeter pest program/applications as an additional service to our weed control program. We have always applied a liquid chemical and are interested into switching to a granular application. What products are you guys getting the best results while keeping down the product cost?

    I have looked into crosscheck & talstar granular

    Also, what style/brand of hand spreaders are you using? I think the hand spreaders will decrease the amount of time i am on a property rather than a push spreader or going back to our usual liquid applications with skid & hose.

    Any concerns of going granular?
  2. RigglePLC

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    Why not do your perimeter pest control treatments with a back pack? Or maybe an electric back pack--even a gas powered backpack.
    Mist blower might suit certain situations. Lots of homes have excess bushes--very difficult to get close to the house in some cases. Avoid crawling through the bushes when you can.
  3. sway

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    Mainly trying to stay away from the backpacks due to only being able to service minimal properties without having to refill. I know I could just have a water tank but at that point I might as well just use a skid
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  4. FdLLawnMan

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    If you are doing perimeter pest a backpack is the way to go. They don't take much water, you can use a lot of different chems and you do a much more thorough job with it. A perimeter pest typical job is 6 ft out, 3 ft up and around all openings and under eves.
  5. Falcon50EX

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    I just use 2.5 gal jugs for water. How much are u talking about spraying?
  6. Ric

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    I have a question for those who do Perimeter Pest.

    What happens when insect do get inside the House??????

    Do you treat inside the structure?? or does the customer hire a Structural Pest Control company?? Do you need a structural license to do Perimeter treatment like we do here in Florida??

    I am licensed for structural pest control and I agree a good perimeter Treatments stops 98% of the insect pressure on the inside of the home. In fact Home Defense sells a program where they only treat inside if there is a problem. But even if you do a perfect job, The customer can still bring home insects from the Grocery Store and Pizza Delivery etc.

  7. FdLLawnMan

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    My state is the same. I need a structural permit to do a perimeter treatment. I have one person that wants the inside treated also when I do the exterior.
  8. Trees Too

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    My product of choice as been Talstar applied by either a backpack or spray hose with a G.G.- JD-9c gun. Dry granular? Can't comment, as I've never tried it.

    As far as certification goes in my State. We need the "General Pest Control" category. If the bugs get past the barrier and inside, not my concern, as its out of my hands. Call someone else at the point that in certified in interior pest control.

    As I sidebar: I also do exterior Pest Control "yard & garden" sprays with Talstar, and I have a certification in "Mosquito" to do that.
  9. Mscotrid

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    Obviously states differ but I think its safe to say if you are offering "Perimeter spray the structural license is required. I know in some states offering a general flea/tick control is not covered under the normal T&O license. The reason being is those pest are not turf damaging just nuisance pest.
  10. Ric

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    If I were in a state that allowed perimeter treatment without a structural License I would Be Mad as Heck. Why should someone with out a structural license be allowed to do my job and take money out of the pockets of those who have the Real Deal License.

    Florida is the Bug Capital of the USA. However 99% of my structural accounts are serviced with only a Perimeter treatment.


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