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    Keep in mind that the State Agriculture requirements vary from state to state. And I'm sure that in Florida as well as the rest of the Deep South, is bug central! With the Perimeter Pest spraying that I'm talking about (Great Lakes region), we're just trying to keep the nuisance crawlers (spiders, ants earwigs, centipedes) out of the home. As for wood destroying insects, (Carpenter ants & bees, termites, and the like). That is a whole different certification, and a different service company altogether.
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    Conversely, I do not want structural people in the landscape unless they know what they are doing. I used to have a problem with structural PCOs applying cypermethrin EC to plants. Burned the heck out of them. Thank goodness I do not see that anymore.
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    Personally lambda cyhalothryn is far superior to bifentherin on perrimeter pest. I wouldn't use granular you need to be able to keep flying insects out as well. If you use granular it's just what's on the ground. I don't think that cockroaches, bed bugs, or some of the pantry pests that can come in from the grocery store are covered under the perrimeter pest program. One thing Ric didn't mention is the amount of tree companies that offer tick and mosquito control. I don't get upset there is plenty of work out there. Plus Ric if someone does just perimeter pest and doesn't do a good job it allows you the ability to get the account
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    My objection to non structural License Perimeter treatment, is like my object to $ 15.00 an hour Minimum wage. It is all about EDUCATION TO GET A REAL LICENSE or the math skills to count change. I don't want pay $ 10.00 for a Big Mac just so some kid with nose rings and Tattoos can be paid $ 15.00 an hour to spit on my hamburger and give me the wrong change.

    For a different reason I also agree with Green Doctor about not having someone else applying Pesticides on the same property. The last thing I need is some one applying a repellent insecticide on top of my Baits or Neutral insecticide.

    Lambda-cyhalothrin which you misspelled ( it is a THRIN of belongs to a chemical family that names all end in THRIN) is a REPELLENT and will trap insects inside the house by keeping them from coming outside. Oh sure it keeps Insects out also, But a minor insect infestation can many times be controlled by using a Neutral insecticide as a perimeter treatment. The life cycle of many insects does cause them to move between inside and out. A good Neutral insecticide can be carried back to the nest just like a bait.

    IMHO Any one doing unlicensed work in a professional area is a Thief. They are stealing the job away from those who actually worked Smart and hard enough to get a credential that certifies to do that technical work. I feel the same way about Crack Jack Box pesticide certification that are given away my most states.

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    Carpenter Ants and Bees are not classified as WDO. (Wood Destroying Organisms)

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    Correct: My bad for mis-stating.

    Setting the record straight:

    Carpenter Ants: Structure-infesting Pests
    Carpenter Bees: Structure Invading Pests

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