Perma green and Primo Maxx

bart may

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Has anyone tried Primo on their Perma green or Z spray? Can you mix Primo Maxx with an Herbicide?


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Dayton, Oh
I sure hope someone answers this question. I just bought a Perma Green and am wondering the same thing regarding the Primo Maxx. I suspect it will be OK as long as you are applying uniformly?

James Cormier

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Alot of products require more water per k than what those machines apply, so you would really need to read the label of primo ( i dont use it ) to see what its recommended amount of water to be used as a carrier.


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I run a golf course and we always use primo maxx and herbicides together. However, you have to read labels to see compatability, sometimes you may need to use lower rates of the herbicide.


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southeast Pa.
This will be a very hot topic this season. I think a lot of guys will be trying this out this year, myself among them. It may change the industry quite a bit. Looking forward to everyones imput as we start to see the results.

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