Perma Green is Terry Bradshaw's Pick of the Week

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    Perma Green is Terry Bradshaw’s Pick of the Week

    The Perma Green Ride-On MAGNUM will appear on CNN this week as football legend Terry Bradshaw’s Pick of the Week! The segment will air on CNN Headline News, Wednesday, February 9th between 7 A.M. and 8 A.M. in all time zones.

    Perma Green Supreme, Inc. was chosen as Bradshaw’s Pick of the Week for their hugely successful business philosophy and their extraordinary contribution to the backbone of America. The segment deals with the critical issues facing key business leaders, who are helping to drive America’s economy.

    It’s gotta’ be a Perma Green

    As the inventor and manufacturer of the world’s most popular spreader sprayer, Perma Green’s state-of-the-art technology has revolutionized the Green Industry. The 2005 Ride-On MAGNUM provides a precise and consistent tool for applying both granular fertilizer and liquid weed control, and features the strongest components and engineering for maximum reliability.

    New features include a Honda engine and super-duty transmission, as well as larger capacities and a profiled appearance. The entire frame is laser-cut and precision-stamped stainless steel, and with no electrical, hydraulic, or boom systems, the MAGNUM is the most durable machine money can buy.

    Ride-On owners experience more profit and increased production, happier employees from less-fatiguing hours, and happier customers who receive the most accurate results.

    Check it out!

    New additions to their award-winning website ( include an interactive cutaway model of the MAGNUM’s burly power train. Visitors can discover the rock-solid engineering that has made Perma Green the choice of thousands of professionals world-wide.

    Perma Green is also pleased to announce the much-anticipated shipment of their brand new, action-packed DVD, which offers a one-of-a-kind look into the MAGNUM’s capabilities and design. Turf care professionals can request this InfoPak, free of charge, at or by calling 800.346.2001.

    Don’t forget to register for the Perma Green’s Paradise Giveaway where you could win an all-expenses paid vacation to Hawaii or a brand new 2005 Perma Green MAGNUM! Visit for more details.
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