Perma Green & Lesco Momentum

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ParkerLawn, Mar 29, 2004.

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    I was wanting to know at what rate are you all mixing in the tank? I am just not getting the results I want with Lesco. I am putting 12 ounces of Momentum per 8 gallon tank and adding Spreader Sticker as well and having a hard time with 1 app doing the job. Is anyone else experiencing this problem using Lesco products with the PG unit? I have it figured that my app rate should be at 1.5 ounce per 1k with 12 ounces momentum per 8 gallon tank. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
  2. scottt

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    The problem is you're only putting down .33 oz per k. It looks like you multiplied 8 gallons times 1.5 oz. You need to multiply 1.5 and 34. 34 is how many thousand feet one tank will cover. At 1.5 per k , you should add 51 ounces of momentum. It's hard to get good control with 20% of your intended strength.
  3. TSM

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    yeah, like Scottt says. your 8 gal tank will treat 34,000sf

    34 X 1.5 = 51oz

    Now, if LESCO told you the rate of 12oz per 8 gal, then I'd go back to them and demand a credit on the momentum you have used.

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