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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bj22, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. bj22

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    Any suggestion on what i could use as a spray on application to protect the aluminium on the tranny and under motor crankcase. Have to probably purchase a new motor because I have a leak coming from under the motor and looking for a product to protect and prolong new parts. Why cant they just put a product like rhino liner or undercoating on these parts knowing this is a problem with these machines. I'd pay extra for a treatment to protect these parts. Perma green really dropping the ball on this one. Comments welcomed.
  2. indyturf

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    I have two Honda engines w/wet clutch that I can sell you for replacement. 1 has about 200 hrs the other about 100. put some rubber washers between the engine block and the spreader frame. this should make it easier to clean. I clean my pg once a week then spray mine down with silicon.

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    Just try to keep it clean
    i would rather see a problem then cover it up with bed liner
  4. bj22

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    I do clean my machine but i feel that plastic wrap they put on the tranny my trap more fert. than it does to help.
  5. RigglePLC

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    You are so right BJ.
    Fertilizer, aluminum, and high humidity are a bad combination. Feel free to clean up the area and seal up the hole with epoxy or RTV silicone gasket sealer (good up to 400 degrees). Be sure you have the spacers so that you can rinse it clean underneath. I just repaired a leak in my tranny with epoxy. And then I filled all the pits and cavities that could accumulate fertilizer granules with hot glue, silicone would have been better yet. The main problem in my (Ultra) machine is the first three inches from the wheel to the area between the frame and the aluminium tranny itself. Little cavities trap fert particles. Particles attract moisture. You might try to remove tranny and spray it with "rubberized undercoating" available in paint dept of any auto parts store. Also try to rinse it every day and then dry it and if possible store machine in a heated area so humidity is low. Even when weather is hot and humid--crank the heat up to 10 degrees higher than outside--that will drive down the humidity. Or store it in an air-conditioned room so that the humidity stays below 50 percent.
    Wish I could do that--anybody else have suggestions?
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    yup, buy a zspray!!!!! sorry had to, not trying to be a pest, but why do all you guys that constantly have issues with these permajunk keep fixing them??? get somethying that does not break so much!!!!! jsut a thought.
  7. turfcobob

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    That is the very reason we give our transaxle two coats of automotive clear coat before they go in the machine. Also the T 3000 is designed so all parts can be washed easily. The engine is on 1/4 inch lifts with a hole under it so garden hose pressure is enough to clean the entire machine. Costs more to do this stuff but worth it in the long run.

    Come and chat with us in Louisville the end of the month and we can show you all this.
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  8. americanlawn

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    I was at "Tri-State West" a couple years ago (they work on Permagreen units here for LESCO). They showed me a Magnum with just over 40 hours on it. The transaxle was corroded so bad that it needed to be replaced. We both figured the owner neglected the machine, but only 42 hours???

    They told me the Ultra's did not have the corrosion problems that the Magnum's do, so I'd rather have an Ultra over a Magnum.

    IMO, sell your Magnum and replace it with a unit that does what you want and does not corrode or break down. That's what we did. We're even using lighter weight carrier racks (utilizing aluminum as well as steel) that we had made locally, and they are "duel receiver" racks which are much safer & stable. After nearly two years with our current ride-ons, we see no corrosion whatsoever, very few replacement parts needed, virtually no down time (okay -- maybe 2 days per year at most), and they out perform any other ride-on unit we have tried. I know of another manufacturer that says their units are more productive than any other, but we kindly disagree (unless you're treating football fields).

    Regarding bedliners -- We'll never have them matter what manufactures tell us, cuz we replaced every single truck bed that had one (and we tried several types of liners). They all end up trapping corrosive fertilizer & moisture between the liner & the steel bed.
  9. grassman177

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    we have all our trucks rhino lined, not a chemical or moisture problem. no rust, nothing. tha is the only way to go!!!!
  10. NattyLawn

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    I have an original Magnum and haven't had many issues except the usual maintenance (knock on wood :hammerhead:) I still have the bag ON and have had no issues with the tranny or engine and just went over 1000 hours. I think one advantage I have is applying organic and organic based ferts I don't have the corrosion issues of that some you synthetic guys do. Just a theory though.

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