Perma-Green or Skid Sprayer?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lawnspecialties, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. lawnspecialties

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    I'm preparing to purchase one or the other. I just can't decide which one I'd rather have first. The skid sprayer obviously gives me more product to spray at the job but the Perma-Green gives me a rider and I also don't have to push the broadcast spreader in most cases. I already have a 225 gal. poly tank to use for a water source on the job. Would love some experienced opinions. Thanks :)
  2. sclawndr

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    PermaGreen is going to be way faster than dragging a hose. The only time a hose is better is if you have big hills or have to get something down fast, such as fungicides or insecticides. Any PG owner (or Zspray) will tell you they can knowck out 400-500,000 square feet a day with no problem. Would you really want to drag a hose over that much ground?
  3. ant

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    z spray:weightlifter:
  4. lawnspecialties

    lawnspecialties LawnSite Silver Member
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    Heck no! That's what I want to here. I've been using my Lesco broadcast spreader and a 1000 lb. hopper with my tractor. The only thing I have for liquids is a pump backpack sprayer and a battery powered backpack sprayer.

    Since I've never had either one, I'm hoping to hear things I hadn't thought of before. Spending about $5,000 and then wishing I had purchased something else is not a very good feeling. Thanks for the input.
  5. lawnspecialties

    lawnspecialties LawnSite Silver Member
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    Why the Z-Spray over the Perma-Green, Ant?

    By the way, love the signature.:)
  6. indyturf

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    if you have alot of smaller lawns 5k-1ac go with the perma green (magnum) if you have larger lawns 5-10ac go with the Z spray both are better options than dragging the hose!
  7. Victor

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    Not to highjack your thread Lawnspecialties, but I think this is related. I too was wondering how many of you guys use spread & spray machines on smaller properties (4-6k sq. ft.)? Have you had trouble with the narrow hell-strips? Is it possible to adjust your spread patterns, so that you don't fertilize the street to heavily? I love the concept of these machines and how much more efficient I've read they make an operation, but I have doubts about their abilty to accurately put fertilizer where you want it, without getting a bunch of it where you don't want it to go.
    Just curious about your experiences with these machines on smaller lawns. The reason I'm asking about lawns this size, is because I target smaller lawns of that size. That's my average sized lawn in other words.
    I even considered buying a Lesco HPS. Any reviews on those? I already have a skid that works really well on my small lawns. Thanks for the help guys.

  8. sclawndr

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    More than half of my lawns are small and I use the PG on all of them. The Z has a rheostat that lets you dial the spinner width down but I still prefer to hand spread the curb strips to minimize the sweeping up. The other down side on small properties with either machine is you often need to walk around and spot spray near flower beds,etc. Still beats pushing a spreader and dragging a hose though. Don't know why everyone isn't using one of these two machines.
  9. ThreeWide

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    This is so true.

    I use the PG on about 80% of my properties, and on the very smallest ones I do mostly liquid apps. For me it is much more efficient to do spray apps on the small properties since there is very little hose dragging involved, and you don't have to waste a good percentage of product trying to hit tight spots and hell strips.

    If you had a PG, you would have the tool you needed most of the time depending on your property sizes. But there will be times when a skid sprayer is needed as well. Some materials just don't work well in the PG because of the lack of agitation. Also, some products cannot be sprayed effectively in low volume. Most broadleaf herbicides are fine, but I have had bad experiences with Drive for example. You should look at your yearly program and decide which apps it might present issues with.

    I had a skid sprayer before purchasing the PG. I love the PG because of its productivity, but I simply could not cover all of my needs without also having the skid sprayer. For example, warm season turf gets blanketed with Simazine in November. I'm not even going to attempt that in the PG.

    Also, you have the problem mentioned above when spraying near flower beds. For that you need something more precise. Yes, the PG has a trim mode but I've not found it very useful. That is why I prefer using a skid sprayer on small to medium properties when blanket treatments are needed.

    To me, you need to have both because it gives you options. And having options allows you to choose the product and application method for a given round that is the most cost effective in your situation. That was not clear to me when I first started this business, it is something that comes to you over time.
  10. ThreeWide

    ThreeWide LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Also, how many applications would you do in a season?

    That would factor in as well.

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